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As I ask myself that question to help frame the upcoming Atlanta Roadshow I am reminded of an excellent post that Julian Seery Gude posted on Business, more like open source software. The post was written during the week of Jeff Hunter’s seminal TalUncon held in January of this year.

Competition and the free market are great and I don’t mean as a passing fancy. That doesn’t mean that a free market capitalist system, or the businesses and individuals that drive it, are free of problems. Don’t jump to political conclusions though – I’m not hinting at a political agenda. I’m talking about financial systems and business and how we might be able to use a model like open source software to make business a lot better – regardless of where in the world your chair sits in this flat world, or what side of the political spectrum you favor. Participants convening today at The Talent Unconference have an opportunity to employ radical transparency and what I’d call open source business by dropping their guard.

As usual, thought-provoking and on point. Just like our friend Mr. McLeod at

hold an unconference -- hugh mcleod, gaping vopid

If you are in Atlanta on Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 mark your calendar for what promises to be an awesome day of learning, networking and — of course — unconferencing! Bookmark this site or subscribe to the feed to stay ahead of details as they are confirmed.

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Well, I’m rather pleased that John Sumser asked me to have a hand in this new venture and build on the successes chalked up in Minneapolis. I am getting my ducks in a row having committed to coordinate the next event in Atlanta and there is much to learn.

Beyond Atlanta, who knows? That’s what makes a Recruiting Roadshow fun!

Stay posted…

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The Human Network

OK, so the producers left out any mention of the Recruiting Roadshow but they didn’t mention the Information Superhighway either. And when it comes to “The Human Network” sometimes the pressing of flesh is more important than the pressing of buttons, don’t ya think?

Welcome to this blog, this place and this time. It is ours.

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Keynote Speaker
President & Founder

Steven is a widely recognized expert in online advertising, particularly in the areas of affiliate programs, e-newsletters, and career sites. is one of the highest traffic job boards targeted to students, recent graduates and the employers who want to hire them.

Steven is often quoted by local, regional, national and international media, including the Associated Press, CNN, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune Magazine, the NACE Journal of Career Planning & Employment, USA TODAY, and the Wall Street Journal. He is a frequent guest on radio and television shows, including CNN Headline News, CNN Radio, Entrepreneur Radio, National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation, Bloomberg Radio and he regularly speaks at conferences related to online recruitment and the recruitment of college students and recent graduates.

Learning Track Leader
Former CEO & founder, Careerbuilder
Founder & CEO

Rob McGovern is the founder and former Chairman and CEO of CareerBuilder Corporation, which he sold to the Tribune and Knight Ridder companies in 2000 and 2002.

Rob’s been a fast tracker throughout his career and was often the youngest executive  where he worked.. After a long and successful career at large companies like Hewlett Packard, McGovern founded CareerBuilder with a mission to help people get ahead in life.

Currently, he is the founder and CEO of JobFox an online job marketplace for top performers. Rob also advises national leading venture capital firms and technology companies on strategic issues such as hiring and recruiting a winning executive team, as well the skillful execution of company mergers and acquisitions.

Learning Track Leader
Founding Executive, Trainer, Speaker
JobMachine, Inc

Shally Steckerl is a talent acquisition strategist, speaker and recruitment consultant originally from Columbia, South America, now residing in Atlanta, GA.

Most recently Shally managed the research division of Microsoft’s Core Technical Assistance Sourcing team. Prior to joining Microsoft he consulted with leading organizations such as Google, Genetech, Disney, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Cisco Systems, and Motorola where he has been instrumental in designing and implementing centralized recruitment models.

Because of his passion for the Internet as a recruitment tool and his continually innovative methods, Mr. Steckerl has developed a reputation as an authority in Internet search, and a pioneer in recruitment research. An accomplished author, consultant, and trainer, Mr. Steckerl is a frequent contributor to many industry forums and speaker at leading conferences.

Learning Track Leader
Founding partner and Vice President of Operations
SightWise Solutions

Abigail has mastered creating value-added client solutions for local, national, and international corporations. She established applying business process improvement methods and technology to the world of recruiting. Prior to starting SightWise Solutions, a local recruiting and consulting company, Abigail worked with Excel Temporary Services, Randstad North America, AmeriCold Logistics, and Oriel, Inc.

As an eLearning pioneer in the traditional world of recruiting and consulting, she created RU Learning, the first national online university designed to provide Randstad talent and clients easily accessible training. She went on to develop the first online courses for Oriel and their Six Sigma clients Intuit, Coca-Cola, and Home Depot.

Abigail’s solutions-oriented approach educates recruiting companies on the importance of understanding the business partnership with their clients. She assists recruiters to sharpen their recruiting processes to better solve business problems for clients. In recruiting terminology, she instructs recruiters to use the Six Sigma DMAIIC (Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Implement, and Control) approach to solving clients’ recruiting issues.

Recruiters are enlightened to think of their recruiting approach in terms of defining the client recruiting need, measuring the client’s current recruiting success rates, analyzing process improvement opportunities, improving their client specific recruiting process, implementing changes to the process, and controlling the improved recruiting processes to ensure continued performance for clients.

Learning Track Leader
Founding Partner, CEO and Industry Leader

As a founding partner of Arbita, Don Ramer has helped define web recruiting for many of the world’s premier employers through partnerships and knowledge management. Prior to that, he worked with the America Online Career Center where he created the concept of a central marketplace that would streamline HR professionals’ connection to many vendors.

In 1988, he launched the Employment Management Group, a high-level management consultancy which focused on change management in recruitment and selection for very large employers. There his team planned, directed, organized and controlled recruitment and selection strategy, tactics, and operations on behalf of clients in the telecommunications and enterprise software industries.

Recruiting Roadshow MC
Industry Observer, Activist

Amitai Givertz has been involved in a variety of recruitment process outsourcing, consulting, training and related enterprises. In his recent role as Senior Vice President for Business Development for RCI Recruitment Solutions Ami spent over eight years viewing the world through the prism of employers, recruiters, candidates and vendors. In his continuing work Ami focuses on how to improve the experience and outcomes for everyone involved in the process. This includes the development and delivery of media, training and initiatives like John Sumser’s Recruiting Roadshow.

Ami writes for a number of online publications that examine recruiting, business and innovation. He is recognized for his active participation in the ongoing debate on how social media, networking, and transparency can help advance our industry’s progress.

Learning Track Leader
Manager, Media Sales Strategy
Yahoo! HotJobs

In addition to being one of the most influential bloggers in the recruiting space, Matt is currently a manager at Yahoo! HotJobs where he combines more than 3 years of recruitment ad sales experience with 3 years of corporate web development experience to deliver his clients in-depth recruitment media consultation and effective recruitment advertising campaign execution.
Matt brings a fresh and exciting voice to the online recruiting space by finding and reporting on qualified and verifiable data, research and the best practices of employers.  His professional experience in web development, recruitment advertising, search engine marketing and blogging makes his perspective valuable and unique to recruiting professionals seeking insight or strategies for promoting their career sites and employment brands to niche and locally targeted segments of talent.

Matt has earned consecutive President’s Clubs awards from Yahoo, Inc, multiple testimonials from both small and large business clients and endorsements from recruiting industry thought leaders. His industry expertise, technical knowledge, creativity and ability to build strong relationships are evident by the success of his blog which was named to the Top 25 Recruiting Blogs list by Alexa.