Abigail Tremble

Learning Track Leader
Founding partner and Vice President of Operations
SightWise Solutions

Abigail has mastered creating value-added client solutions for local, national, and international corporations. She established applying business process improvement methods and technology to the world of recruiting. Prior to starting SightWise Solutions, a local recruiting and consulting company, Abigail worked with Excel Temporary Services, Randstad North America, AmeriCold Logistics, and Oriel, Inc.

As an eLearning pioneer in the traditional world of recruiting and consulting, she created RU Learning, the first national online university designed to provide Randstad talent and clients easily accessible training. She went on to develop the first online courses for Oriel and their Six Sigma clients Intuit, Coca-Cola, and Home Depot.

Abigail’s solutions-oriented approach educates recruiting companies on the importance of understanding the business partnership with their clients. She assists recruiters to sharpen their recruiting processes to better solve business problems for clients. In recruiting terminology, she instructs recruiters to use the Six Sigma DMAIIC (Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Implement, and Control) approach to solving clients’ recruiting issues.

Recruiters are enlightened to think of their recruiting approach in terms of defining the client recruiting need, measuring the client’s current recruiting success rates, analyzing process improvement opportunities, improving their client specific recruiting process, implementing changes to the process, and controlling the improved recruiting processes to ensure continued performance for clients.


  1. abigailtremble

    Have you found the perfect match for your client only to find out after presenting their profile that your client has additional hiring criteria?

    Has your client had trouble keeping someone in the position for more than one year?

    Has your client had trouble getting the results they need from individuals previously in the position?

    Is your client interviewing volumes of candidates but is unable to find the “ideal” candidate?

    Perhaps, you need to help your client “solve their problem…” You may have a client that needs your subject matter expertise as a recruiting problem solver.
    If you can help them to define their position needs and determine how to find the right person to address the business needs…you have solved their problem in the short term (filling the position) as well as the long term (achieving business objectives.)

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