Don Ramer

Learning Track Leader
Founding Partner, CEO and Industry Leader

As a founding partner of Arbita, Don Ramer has helped define web recruiting for many of the world’s premier employers through partnerships and knowledge management. Prior to that, he worked with the America Online Career Center where he created the concept of a central marketplace that would streamline HR professionals’ connection to many vendors.

In 1988, he launched the Employment Management Group, a high-level management consultancy which focused on change management in recruitment and selection for very large employers. There his team planned, directed, organized and controlled recruitment and selection strategy, tactics, and operations on behalf of clients in the telecommunications and enterprise software industries.


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    […] 3, 2007 in Sponsors and Supporters, Atlanta Don Ramer graciously offered to be one of the sponsors for the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow, rearranging his […]

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    […] be joined on that day by other key figures from the local recruiting industry and veterans like Don Ramer, who is highly regarded as a thought-leader and teacher in the recruiting […]

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  5. 5 Nothing is Free, Not Even Lunch! « John Sumser’s Recruiting Roadshow

    […] Don Ramer CEO of Arbita — who we hope will be showing up in person — is paying for lunch and refreshments. Don has supported the Roadshow from the get-go providing first-class fare for over 250 Roadshow delegates and doing more behind the scenes, cooking up other stuff. […]

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