Frank Speer

Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow Facilitator
Business Leader, Recruiting Consultant, Trainer, Coach
RCI Center of Excellence

Working with clients in the boardroom and on the frontlines, Frank is no stranger to managing complex assignments at every level. As a Senior Director for the RCI Center of Excellence, he brings a keen insight and hard-won experience to a growing number of clients who seek to gain from his considerable knowledge about developing and managing winning teams.

For many years Frank has been a champion of innovation for top sales organizations like Tom James Company and Acuity Specialty Products Group where his reputation as a rainmaker and recruitment leader preceded his growing stature as one of RCI’s leading talent management consultants and problem solvers.

Today, Frank interacts with client-organizations who share a vision for excellence in their recruiting practices and strategic workforce development. And because he understands things from the “inside out” and doing it “the right way,” he is a particularly sought after trainer and business coach, especially in situations that require a hands-on approach to recruiting and people, intelligence, integrity and business savvy are sources of competitive advantage.


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