Matthew Martone

Learning Track Leader
Manager, Media Sales Strategy
Yahoo! HotJobs

In addition to being one of the most influential bloggers in the recruiting space, Matt is currently a manager at Yahoo! HotJobs where he combines more than 3 years of recruitment ad sales experience with 3 years of corporate web development experience to deliver his clients in-depth recruitment media consultation and effective recruitment advertising campaign execution.
Matt brings a fresh and exciting voice to the online recruiting space by finding and reporting on qualified and verifiable data, research and the best practices of employers.  His professional experience in web development, recruitment advertising, search engine marketing and blogging makes his perspective valuable and unique to recruiting professionals seeking insight or strategies for promoting their career sites and employment brands to niche and locally targeted segments of talent.

Matt has earned consecutive President’s Clubs awards from Yahoo, Inc, multiple testimonials from both small and large business clients and endorsements from recruiting industry thought leaders. His industry expertise, technical knowledge, creativity and ability to build strong relationships are evident by the success of his blog which was named to the Top 25 Recruiting Blogs list by Alexa.


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    […] digitized for posterity and future ballyhoo. That’s precious. But topping it off they are sending Matt Martone to share the most precious thing of all: practical, get-the-job-done recruiting […]

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    […] Matt Martone will talk with Bill about using search engines and social media to optimize your recruiting efforts and ensure you have a competitive advantage over the recruiters who think “posting’ starts and ends with a job board. Like Steven, Matt is no stranger to the Recruiting Roadshow having run his own workshop in Atlanta. He also committed Yahoo! HotJobs to sponsoring the Dallas Roadshow, supporting us all in so many ways! […]

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