Who Needs an Unconference?

As I ask myself that question to help frame the upcoming Atlanta Roadshow I am reminded of an excellent post that Julian Seery Gude posted on EXCELER8ion.com: Business, more like open source software. The post was written during the week of Jeff Hunter’s seminal TalUncon held in January of this year.

Competition and the free market are great and I don’t mean as a passing fancy. That doesn’t mean that a free market capitalist system, or the businesses and individuals that drive it, are free of problems. Don’t jump to political conclusions though – I’m not hinting at a political agenda. I’m talking about financial systems and business and how we might be able to use a model like open source software to make business a lot better – regardless of where in the world your chair sits in this flat world, or what side of the political spectrum you favor. Participants convening today at The Talent Unconference have an opportunity to employ radical transparency and what I’d call open source business by dropping their guard.

As usual, thought-provoking and on point. Just like our friend Mr. McLeod at gapingvoid.com

hold an unconference -- hugh mcleod, gaping vopid

If you are in Atlanta on Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 mark your calendar for what promises to be an awesome day of learning, networking and — of course — unconferencing! Bookmark this site or subscribe to the feed to stay ahead of details as they are confirmed.

Posted by Amitai Givertz


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