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Recruiting Roadshow LinkedIn Shally SteckerlIt’s sad but true: LinkedIn is a very powerful tool but most recruiters do not use it to its full potential.

Shally Steckerl who is the founder and President of the Atlanta-based troubleshooting outfit JobMachine — and one of the most connected individuals on LinkedIn today — will be sharing his years of experienced to help take newcomers, novices and old-timers to the next level.

Without getting too technical, keywords searches yield limited results, and 2nd or 3rd degree contacts are difficult to contact. During Shally’s workshop you will learn how to find fresh and hidden leads outside of your network reach. You will also go beyond just searching for users and learn how to build your network so you can see more free contacts than ever before. After this hands-on track you will have an increased network size, a higher network rank, and you will know how to most efficiently use LinkedIn so you don’t get bogged down in administrivia.

Time permitting, Shally will also help you will learn how to develop a deep network of passive candidates and improve your presence in search results for greater personal brand visibility & influence. You’ll learn a lot — I mean a lot — of new ways to build your network and online credibility and you’ll discover never-before-seen tricks that take you above LinkedIn’s built-in limitations.


When I open one of my company’s training sessions for a new group of recruiters who I am meeting for the first time we play a game. Designed to help me understand where the group is in overall awareness the questions I pose sound like “, SimpleHired and Jobster and are types of what?” with a few multiple choices to pick from.

When the questioning turns to online networks I am always surprised at the number of good, honest, capable and successful recruiters who think LinkedIn in something other than what it is or the number of those who may know what it is and are not themselves “LinkedIn.”

Recruiting Roadshow LinkedIn Shally Steckerl

If you don’t know what LinkedIn is, count yourself among the majority – at least for now. Sometimes described as a “MySpace for grown-ups” LinkedIn is also an extremely powerful tool for recruiters. Hold that thought.

In my conversations with local recruiters about the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow — describing the learning tracks — I am asked who will be there and what’s what? Until recently in my best I’m-a-cool-dude-‘cause-I-got -connections voice I nonchalantly replied, “Oh, and Shally Steckerl the world-famous Cybersleuth will there running a workshop on how to use LinkedIn. How’s that? Yep, you heard me. Shally Steckerl — the LinkedIn guy – will be at the Roadshow!”

“Shally who? Link-a-what?” “Cyber-slobber?”

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Recruiting Roadshow MultiGenerational Recruiting John SumserRemember the “Generation Gap”? In the sixties, some white kids and their parents lost the ability to communicate with each other. Driven by fundamental demographics (the baby boom was taking control of its purchasing power), the culture felt charged and changing. Between fashion, music, the Civil Rights movement and anti-war protests and changing hairstyles, things got squirrelly to the point that the military was used to maintain order.

In those days, culture was pretty monolithic. Three television networks, two political parties, one kind of bread, three car companies, clear racial boundaries, low divorce rates, factory jobs and no computers or Internet. A broad based Generation Gap was easy to see because, outside a very limited range of possibility, a thing was either mainstream or it wasn’t.

It’s not so easy to describe the situation today. The media is fractured and audiences are smaller. Commonality and the sense of national community are under constant assault.

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We are fleshing out the program of events for Atlanta which include another local rainmaker — Abigail Tremble — joining our growing band of presenters and learning track leaders.

Recruiting Roadshow John Sumser

Abigail is one of the founding partners and the VP of Operations for the Alpharetta-based SightWise Solutions and brings an incredibly valuable perspective to recruiting based on her years in training and process improvement (Six Sigma and so on).

Abigail says of this session:

Often, we want to idolize and credit individuals who run successful organizations. In our world, we aspire to be the next best recruiting phenomenon. Perhaps you want to be the next Dan Cahill from “Ask Danny” or Lou Adler of The Adler Group.

We are desperately curious to understand their secret recipe to recruiting. What we tend to forget is that we are not in a commodity market, we are not making hamburgers with secret sauce, WE are in the people business. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” recruiting solution. In our business there are always new variables.

As recruiters, we need to consider each new position as an individual business problem that needs solving. Successful recruiters are master problem solvers. We have to understand a client’s business problem, find the person that has the necessary experience and personal characteristics to solve the business problem and, oh by the way, mesh with the company, the culture, and other team members.

Join Abigail to learn basic problem solving techniques adopted from Six Sigma that will give you a new perspective on recruiting as master problem solvers.

Here is a brief overview of the presentation about using social networks for recruiting which will be delivered by the President and Founder of, Steven Rothberg.

Recruiting Roadshow Steven Rothberg Social Networking Sites

In this nuts-and-bolts and humorous presentation, Steven will demystify social networking sites and demonstrate the tremendous risks and opportunities they present to employers.

Social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Friendster are amongst the most popular sites online, especially amongst high school and college students. Unlike most sites where even regular visitors spend at most minutes a week and look at a handful of pages, visitors to social networking sites often invest hours a day at the sites, view hundreds of pages, and disclose a tremendous amount of information about themselves and their friends.

The goal of the session is to learn how a rapidly growing percentage of employers are using social networking sites as part of their recruiting process and to explore the pros and cons of using these sites for things like sourcing and background checking. You will learn about social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, and others. Knowing how these sites are used by candidates and how you can benefit as a recruiter is an important step in developing new recruiting methods.

This topic always generates a a lot of questions and an always-lively discussion so come prepared to be informed, inspired and enabled! Don’t miss it…

MultiGenerational RecruitingThe Wikipedia entry on Generation Y is really worth reading. Millennials (or Generation Y) is that group of people born (roughly) between 1981 and 2001. They are also called The Net Generation, Millennials, Echo Boomers, The We Generation and The Google Generation.

(There’s a large amount of disagreement on the actual dividing points. Some say the beginning was 1976. Some say the end was last year. The debate is caused by the lack of a single defining event, like World War II for baby boomers, that could define the start or end point.)

However you define them, they are coming into the workplace. The first of them have already landed. Like the generations that have preceded them, they pose specific problems and issues in Recruitment and Retention.

Continue Reading » is a pretty nifty job board which offers more than at first meets the eye. For those who may not be immediately familiar with this site, is a vertical search engine that has multiple uses, some conventional and some not quite so.

Among its most useful bits has a Job Search Tools page with more stuff on it than the average Joe could possibly want. But then again, some stuff that would leave a job seeker baffled can lead a recruiter to make more sense of the world.

For example, take the Job Trends tool and sneak-a-peek behind the job postings per capita link. Click a bit and voilà! 59.8 good reasons to visit the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow – not including the free lunch!

Recruiting Roadshow

See you there.

Posted by: Amitai Givertz

According to the — a career site for $100k+ jobs — the most viewed job titles in Atlanta by members in the last quarter were:

  1. Vice President, Sales & Operations
  2. Director, Operations
  3. Vice President, Client Brand Management Group
  4. Human Resources Director
  5. Director, IT Operations

As for the companies who post the most $100k+ positions on…

  1. Coca-Cola
  2. GMAC Insurance
  3. Georgia-Pacific
  4. KPMG
  5. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

…while the Atlanta-based companies for which members most want to work are:

  1. The Weather Channel
  2. Cox Enterprises
  3. Bass Hotels & Resorts
  4. Ceridian
  5. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Of course, everything is relative. Isn’t it?

Posted by: Amitai Givertz

John SumserFor those who have been around long enough you’ll know that John Sumser is affectionately referred to as “Papa” in some circles. The moniker is apt for a man who has played the role of patriarch, spawning more progeny in the online recruiting world than most chaste mothers of invention or sanctimonious succession planners would care to admit.

Anyone who has been personally guided by John’s counsel on personal and/or professional matters knows it is hard to figure out whether in the long silences where John pauses for thought he is readying to adopt his ‘nurturing-’ or ‘critical-parent‘ mode, getting ready to give you a hug or perform the Heimlich maneuver. Hmmm….

As a dad in reality it is hard to overlook John’s pride in his son Raymond who is an aspiring filmmaker and oldest daughter Bridget who appears to be a chip-off the-old-block in many ways. The other “Papa” Sumser?

Rounding out the stereotype of John as patriarch is Sumser the authority-figure. Very few people in the recruiting business can boast the time served in nurturing an understanding of the market, its drivers, dynamics and trends that John can. His historical perspective, institutional knowledge, intuition and critical thinking adds weight to John’s sought-after views of where we recruiters have been and where we’re going. Of course, that is not to suggest that John is always right but sometimes sounding like you are is enough for a crowd that is often wrong.

Appropriate then that John’s keynote for the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow should be titled: Multigenerational Recruiting, don’t you think?

John has written extensively on this subject and continues to raise important questions that must be answered if we are to be ready for the next-generation workforce. Over the next couple of weeks we will be revisiting selected works from John that talk to this and related issues.

Today we’ll start with Multigenerational Recruiting I written in preparation for another annual fixture: Onrec. Enjoy!

Posted by: Amitai Givertz

Florida-based talent management consulting and recruiter training organization, partners with industry heavyweights to foster local recruiting networks around the U.S.

Jupiter, Florida – August 23, 2007 – RCI Recruitment Solutions has teamed up with one of the recruiting industry’s most prominent leaders John Sumser, to underwrite and coordinate a series of local events under the newly-created Recruiting Roadshow organization, starting with the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow on September 25th, 2007.

John Sumser said, “For a very long time, we have behaved as if recruiting were a profession that is practiced identically from setting to setting. The trouble is that the labor market is different from town to town with differing levels of demand, differing levels of supply and deeply differing manners and procedures. While the recruiting industry is globalized, the real labor market is excruciatingly local.” John continued to say, “The goal of each individual Recruiting Roadshow is to cause members of the local recruiting world who may not have easy access to the industry’s network infrastructure to have access to each other.”

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