When Faith is a Solid Foundation…

HomeBanc Mortgage CorpI have been calling on Alan Lee in sales mode for close to four years. In his role as Chief Recruiting Officer for Atlanta-based HomeBanc Mortgage Corp., Alan was the decision maker who this salesman needed to engage if he was ever to land HomeBanc as an account. But that was not the purpose of our lunch last week, the first time Alan and I had actually met. Knowing full well that recruiting for the business was contracting, as it is throughout the mortgage industry, Alan and I wanted to get together because our networking — being physically connected — made more sense on that day than making a sale in the previous four years ever did.

Like another Atlanta-headquartered business, Chick-fil-A, HomeBanc is a business built on principles, faith. In profiling HomeBanc as a prospect that was important to this salesman because conversations that referenced integrity, transparency, trust and authenticity were grounded in a shared value system that transcended new-age business practice, itself somehow more authentic. And in our numerous conversations Alan Lee exemplified for me the type of servant leadership that made me want to business with HomeBanc all the more, even if it meant “going on faith” for yet another sales cycle.

Alan sent to me this email the other day:

I have enjoyed 4 terrific years at HomeBanc and am most proud today of the fact that we built the best place to work in numerous major metropolitan cities and were ranked nationally by Fortune magazine for the past 4 years as a Great Place to Work. Unfortunately, our great place to work has fallen victim to the financial ills in the mortgage capital markets. I have attached for your review 14 of the best HR practitioners I have ever had the honor to work with in my career. These people will be available for hire now and bring world-class skills in recruiting, leadership development, training, executive compensation, associate relations, compensation and benefits.

These people were the fuel that drove HomeBanc to become the best place to work in Atlanta for 3 years according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Further, these are the people that kept us competitive for the last 4 years nationally by bringing a human capital strategy of hiring, training, developing and serving the best talent in our markets. Many of these people have a long tenure of loyalty to HomeBanc and have not considered changing jobs for a long, long time. In fact, having lost their jobs this week they are still serving our associates with final HR details. If you have any current or future HR needs, you need to take a serious look at these talented friends of mine. Thanks for taking a moment to read this email and reviewing the attached resumes.

As I understand it, the Recruiting Roadshow is more than an event that comes and goes in just the same way as Bringing Physical Community to Social Networks means more than a shindig with your blogging-buddies. It’s about doing things that Alan Lee has been doing for years — elevating the recruiting profession through caring leadership and making personal connections that count for something.

If you want to contact Alan to help with the placement of his team, let me know. I will be happy to put you in touch. That’s what networks are for.

Posted by Amitai Givertz


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