Diversity.com Sponsors the Roadshow!

Diversity.com Sponsors the Recruiting RoadshowWell, I had a rather nice conversation yesterday with Diversity.com’s leader, Bill Bargas. For those who may not know, Diversity.com is a locally-based job board with offices in Atlanta and Blairsville, GA. They also have an office in Raleigh, NC.

A couple of things worth noting:

Noteworthy thing one: Bill and Diversity.com have agreed to sponsor the “Rainbow Room” where some of the day’s breakout sessions will happen. The full schedule of events and speakers is still being glued together but I can tell you that that is the room where Atlanta-based recruiting heavyweights Shally Steckerl and Eric Jaquith will be holding court for their respective workshops – more on that to follow.

Noteworthy thing two: Bill is member on a Ning-community where some mutual friends chin-wag: JobBoarders. The significance of that is that as a member of RecruitingBlogs.com – also hosted on Ning – I couldn’t workout how to invite Bill to become one of my “friends” without signing up for another blessed social network! The point being, Bringing Physical Community to Social Networks has more than a cutesy ring to it; for me it is a blessing!

Thanks Bill for your support of the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow and more, for being a “real friend.” See you in Atlanta!

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


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