Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blew!

The Fordyce LetterSomething old: The Fordyce Letter has been around since before the vast majority of today’s working, ning-thing-networked, wired and widgitized recruiting whiz kids had emerged from their biodegradable diapers.

Something new: The Recruiting Roadshow is a hybrid of sorts bringing a number of elements designed to help recruiters connect. While none of these elements are new in of themselves, the Recruiting Roadshow — as both a concept and an outreach, in other words ‘Bringing Physical Community to Social Networks‘ — well, that is new I think.

More, the Recruiting Roadshow refocuses some of ours attention on where it should have been a long time ago perhaps. As John Sumser recently said, “We hold Recruiting Roadshows in order to make it possible for new Recruiters to network with other new Recruiters” which contrasts with The Fordyce Letters’ long-standing statement of 30-years, “We’re connected to everyone in the industry who counts,” leading me to ask: So, who really does count in this modern-day recruiting business?

Something borrowed: Jason Davis has long been recognized among the ning-thing-networked, wired and widgitized recruiting community — not exclusively of course! — as an innovative pot of honey for all things that buzz. Jason has also epitomized what it means to enable, facilitate, nurture and support recruiting networks. He shows those of us that would try how to make online things happen in the real world, leveraging his own blogging connections and validating them in public as if to show us how it’s done. Most recently, Jason has teamed up with ERE’s David Manaster to pursue one of their shared passions – um, The Fordyce Letter.

Jason has managed to attract a who’s-who of sponsors for his numerous adventures. From and ZoomInfo to Starbucks and Kennedy Information, Jason has a knack of getting people to happily support his numerous do-good schemes. So, where else to turn to for advise on getting sponsors for the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow but Jason Davis?

Something blew!: Jason proceeded to tell me how easy it was to get sponsors if you had enough chutzpah to ask for more than you expect and settle for whatever you can get. He declined my suggestion that he then write a check for $250,000 (U.S.) to cover my Atlanta-travel expenses but didn’t hesitate to sponsor this and subsequent Recruiting Roadshows in his new role as The Fordyce Letter’s new Chief Network Building and Nice Things for Nice People Officer. Jason is also making sure everyone who attends Atlanta gets a copy of the Fordyce Letter as part of their goodie-bag.

As John said, “Leave it to Jason!

Update: Jason Davis will be visiting the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow in person! So you might even get a chance of thanking him too, why not? It all starts here for Atlanta-based and area recruiters…

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


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