Recruiting as Master Problem Solvers

We are fleshing out the program of events for Atlanta which include another local rainmaker — Abigail Tremble — joining our growing band of presenters and learning track leaders.

Recruiting Roadshow John Sumser

Abigail is one of the founding partners and the VP of Operations for the Alpharetta-based SightWise Solutions and brings an incredibly valuable perspective to recruiting based on her years in training and process improvement (Six Sigma and so on).

Abigail says of this session:

Often, we want to idolize and credit individuals who run successful organizations. In our world, we aspire to be the next best recruiting phenomenon. Perhaps you want to be the next Dan Cahill from “Ask Danny” or Lou Adler of The Adler Group.

We are desperately curious to understand their secret recipe to recruiting. What we tend to forget is that we are not in a commodity market, we are not making hamburgers with secret sauce, WE are in the people business. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” recruiting solution. In our business there are always new variables.

As recruiters, we need to consider each new position as an individual business problem that needs solving. Successful recruiters are master problem solvers. We have to understand a client’s business problem, find the person that has the necessary experience and personal characteristics to solve the business problem and, oh by the way, mesh with the company, the culture, and other team members.

Join Abigail to learn basic problem solving techniques adopted from Six Sigma that will give you a new perspective on recruiting as master problem solvers.


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