The Sourcing Guru’s Guide to Leveraging LinkedIn

Recruiting Roadshow LinkedIn Shally SteckerlIt’s sad but true: LinkedIn is a very powerful tool but most recruiters do not use it to its full potential.

Shally Steckerl who is the founder and President of the Atlanta-based troubleshooting outfit JobMachine — and one of the most connected individuals on LinkedIn today — will be sharing his years of experienced to help take newcomers, novices and old-timers to the next level.

Without getting too technical, keywords searches yield limited results, and 2nd or 3rd degree contacts are difficult to contact. During Shally’s workshop you will learn how to find fresh and hidden leads outside of your network reach. You will also go beyond just searching for users and learn how to build your network so you can see more free contacts than ever before. After this hands-on track you will have an increased network size, a higher network rank, and you will know how to most efficiently use LinkedIn so you don’t get bogged down in administrivia.

Time permitting, Shally will also help you will learn how to develop a deep network of passive candidates and improve your presence in search results for greater personal brand visibility & influence. You’ll learn a lot — I mean a lot — of new ways to build your network and online credibility and you’ll discover never-before-seen tricks that take you above LinkedIn’s built-in limitations.


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