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It seemed that everyone who went to Abigail Tremble’s workshop Recruiting as Master Problem Solvers came out with something more than an excited smile.

True to form I think, Abigail shared a process for understanding how to define the problem as a first step to being able to address it effectively, and a methodology for delivering quality results. That’s what Abigail does.

Here are the slides from Abigail’s session:

If you have any questions then please contact Abigail…

SightWise Solutions
555 North Point Center East
Suite 400
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Recruiting: (678) 366-4360
Consulting: (678) 366-4361

…or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Hmmm. What can I say? I guess you’ll just have to wait for Don’s full presentation Antisocial Networking coming on video soon to really appreciate what a seminal thinker Arbita’s Founder and CEO really is.

In the meantime a little tease for you…

You can contact Don directly…

12 South 6th Street, Suite 730
Minneapolis, MN 55402-1508
(612) 278-0000

…or connect with him on LinkedIn, and bookmark his exemplary blog: The Art of War for Talent

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John Sumser's Recruiting Roadshow

I got an email from someone who was not only sitting in on Steven Rothberg’s keynote Best Practices for Using Facebook, MySpace and Other Social Networking Sites for Recruiting but she was also taking notes! The question was:

Steven was talking about the data coming from our ATS being 80% inaccurate when it comes to where candidates come from. Where does that statistic come from?

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I was talking to one of the people who went to the REHAB: Recruitment blog strategies to Reach, Engage, Hire and Attract the Best track which was lead by Matt Martone. They said that they loved it so much they wanted get started with some of the strategies Matt shared but all the stuff about RSS and “readers” was a bit confusing for a newbie.

So, here is the first in a series of posts which will hopefully help sort out the basics for anyone who wants to get started. I have created a new category Tutorials where we can organize some of this useful how-to stuff.

Google Reader: Getting Started

When you’ve started setting up your reader, make Matt’s site the first one you add. You can also email Matt with your questions and network with him too.

Stay posted for updates from Matt’s session, or better still – subscribe!

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GratitudeI hardly know where to begin to thank everyone who had a hand in making the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow a hit.

From our sponsors and track leaders to the caterers and Sharon and Ambrose with the Success Center, everyone came through to make the day special and fulfilling.

More than that, most everyone who showed up stayed to the very end and left — so it seemed — delighted.

There will be a lot of stuff posted in the next few days as we pull the learning material and feedback together.

In the meantime, I didn’t want to put off posting something when so many people have called and emailed to thank the Atlanta crew for everything they did to ensure they left the Roadshow not knowing quite what it was but aware that something special just happened.

Keep the ol’ antenna up. There is more to come.

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John Sumser's Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow

General Stuff

Internet Access

Visitors can access wireless internet on the GT campus by using FASTPASS. The instructions for connecting to FASTPASS can be found here. Discounted vouchers can be purchased here.

Labor Shortage 10

And rounding out our series, Here’s a smattering of the news and analysis about the labor shortage as things heat up…

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Minneapolis, Minnesota – September 24, 2007Arbita, the leading provider of global job advertising distribution solutions, is pleased to announce that Don Ramer, CEO and Founder, will be serving as a Learning Track Leader at the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow on September 25, 2007 at the Bill Moore Student Success Center on the campus of Georgia Institute of Technology. Don will be speaking on the negative effects of “antisocial networking” and impersonal recruitment practices that limit candidate referrals, prolong fill times, and increase the cost-per-hire.

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Following up on John’s post Labor Shortage 9 which was originally published in his daily Electronic Recruiting News column here is a compelling video from Ira Wolfe about the Perfect Labor Storm

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…well, maybe.

I peeled this video off The First Social Skills Blog Carnival which is published on Succeed Socially. If you take the time to poke around you’ll find some real gems on networking.


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