Is SPAM Kosher?

With just 15 days to go before the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow we have a few more promotional emails that are scheduled to go out. As simple as that sounds there are a few niggly problems…

Problem One: It is difficult to balance the value of directly communicating with the very people who should be marking off September 25th to join our event on the campus of Georgia Tech with impersonal and potentially annoying mail that assumes someone else knows what’s best for you or that you are even in town on that day.

Problem Two: I haven’t worked out how to remove the people who have already signed-up for the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow from the emails that are still going out. I know that doesn’t say much for yours truly but in my own defense this “campaign” has been cobbled together using paperclips, Post-it notes and our sponsors’ goodwill. After all, it is an “unconference” don’t you know!

So, some of you have signed-up and are wondering why we are still insisting you should come. Now you know. Sorry.

Problem  Three: Unsolicited email is hardly consistent with the spirit of the thing or the concept of networking and community building.  Those assume shared trust, mutual interests, professional respect and personal understanding which mass mail and indiscriminate marketing — however targeted by geography and job title your list might be — fail to do. That approach is so not what the Recruiting Roadshow is about. The other stuff is!

Oh well, no matter. There is an easy solution!

Solution One: If you haven’t signed-up yet and want to join us, do it now. Once we reach our limit for delegates the emails will magically stop. The only thing you’ll get in your inbox are updates for the day’s events.

Solution Two: If you haven’t signed-up because you won’t be coming, and you’re getting ticked off with the approach, simply follow the remove instructions on the email. If that doesn’t work — although that is one part of the system that should perform flawlessly — send me an email and I’ll take care of it personally. Send your request to recruitingroadshow (at) Just put “Unkosher,” “Remove” or something like that in the subject line and I’ll take care of the rest.

Better still, just ignore the emails! They’ll stop next week anyway.

Solution Three: Whether you are coming to the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow or not, promote and publicize the event among your own circle of friends and associates. The day promises to be a fantastic learning and networking experience for anyone involved in the business of recruiting provided that that is what you choose to make it. Remember, the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow is only as good as you want it to be. This is your event. Own it!

Here are some useful pages to forward to your invites:

Oh, and no — SPAM is not Kosher. But if you’re coming to the Atlanta show and have special needs — lunch is being served courtesy of Arbita — let me know before we put the order in. SPAM may just be on the menu.

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


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