Yowzer! It’s Yahoo!

Yahoo! HotJobsYahoo! HotJobs is not only supporting the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow with financial support but they are also giving us two things even more precious. 

Our friends on the west coast will be sending a couple of their talented folk to video the day’s events so that we have our gathering digitized for posterity and future ballyhoo. That’s precious. But topping it off they are sending Matt Martone to share the most precious thing of all: practical, get-the-job-done recruiting know-how.

As a widely respected voice in the online recruiting community Matt has established a growing reputation for pushing the envelope using social media for recruiting.

In a learning track titled REHAB: Recruitment blog strategies to Reach, Engage, Hire and Attract the Best Matt will work with participants to build a recruiting blog strategy and work to help you uncover unique assets that you may need in your ‘REHABilitation,’ detailing some recruiting blog strategies that you can start to put to work as soon as you like.

In addition to the recruitment blogging insights don’t miss the chance to pick Matt’s brains about social media marketing and optimization, search engine optimization and viral marketing too, weighing up both the pros and cons for each these approaches as part of an overall strategy.

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


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