Program Note: Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow Sponsors

We are so grateful to our sponsors who have made the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow possible through their unconditional financial support.

If you are going to be at the Atlanta event please take a moment to thank them too for their part in making this day possible for you!

Arbita’s mission is to deliver the business and systems environments required for the free and efficient flow of opportunity and talent beyond borders. We manage over 100,000 job postings per day for its corporate clients and supports an ecosystem of media participants that include destinations in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East…Continue Reading »
America’s most trusted source for recruiting job seekers from diverse ethnic cultures, life styles, life stages, creative persuasions, abilities, religious affiliations and gender. provides best in class recruitment advertising and diversity branding.  We are 100% minority owned and our operations are managed by a diverse staff of human resources professionals…Continue Reading »
The Empower Network
The Empower Network provides a proprietary Candidate Delivery System — C3 — that helps you cover more reqs – quickly and cost effectively. We view staffing as a supply chain discipline (Six-Sigma methodology) and our quality process permeates every aspect of our business. We’ve systematized the critical workflows required to deliver quality candidates in a highly reliable fashion…Continue Reading »
The Fordyce Letter
Every month for over 3 decades, The Fordyce Letter has been telling it like it is . . . the good, the bad, and the ugly.  We’ve watched the industry grow and mature from a time when industry market penetration was less than 2%, to today’s position where a sizable segment of the hiring community utilizes our services at some level…Continue Reading »
Jobfox is the only online job marketplace with its proprietary job-fit intelligence that turns qualified professionals into top job candidates who are pursued by companies in need of their specific experiences and skills.  Jobfox provides a free and confidential service for professionals and companies turn to Jobfox to go after the best and brightest from the pool of passive job seekers…Continue Reading »
RCI Recruitment Solutions
RCI Recruitment Solutions is a provider of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), consulting and related services. Through the RCI Center of Excellence the company provides training and development programs focused on talent management best practice and professional advancement…Continue Reading »
Yahoo! HotJobs
As a leader in the online recruiting industry, Yahoo! HotJobs has revolutionized the way people manage their careers and the way companies hire talent. Yahoo! HotJobs’ tools and advice put job seekers in control of their careers and make it easier and more cost-effective for employers and staffing firms to find qualified candidates…Continue Reading »

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