Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow: The Day’s Schedule

John Sumser's Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow

Things are shaping up for our upcoming Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow to be held on Tuesday, September 25th, 2007 at The Bill Moore Student Success Center on the campus of Georgia Institute of Technology.

In keeping with the best unconference tradition things could change on the day depending on who wants to go where and when. For example, if there is one learning track that is so in-demand that a second track would suffer for lack of relative interest, we’ll just expand the room to accommodate everyone for the more popular session.

Take a moment to see what we have scheduled for you. The earlier you come the more likely you’ll have your first choices available and the more time you’ll have to network before the day’s programmed events start at 9:30AM.

Last we’ve extended the end-time to 5:30PM for those who want to stick it out to the very end and network, and you should!

For the day’s program, scheduled times, track leaders, discussion topics and possible updates click here.

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


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