Labor Shortage 7

It’s impossible to discuss the North American labor shortage without paying attention to the immigration question. The way I read the population forecasts, the growth promised by the BLS and Department of the Census is heavily dependent on a constant flow of immigration. Although some might disagree, it seems to me that immigration has fueled growth in the United States off and on over the centuries.

John Sumser's Recruiting Roadshow

It’s important to note that immigration was not a factor for most of the 20th Century. When I graduated from high school in 1972, the number of immigrants in the US was at an all time low, 3%. In the rest of US history, the number was more lie 16% or 17%. The hordes of baby boom children precluded the need for workers who perform the tasks of many immigrants today.

Since 1972, the ranks of immigrants in our country have swollen to nearly 12%.

While the number of baby boom children doubled the population of the country overnight, the coming generations are somewhat different. Baby boomers have reproduced at a rate that is closer to staying even. Population growth now is an import.

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