The Empower Network Sponsors the Roadshow, Just In Time!

The Empower NetworkIn presenting Adventures in Search at last year’s Kennedy Information’s Recruiting Conference John Sumser described The Empower Network as an “agressive, industrial muscle-type operation that does high volume sourcing and recruitment process optimization.

He went on to describe CEO Scott Dow’s related initiative The Lean Staffing Institute as an “educational institution that puts out detailed plans and procedures for installing TQM and lean thinking in recruiting shops.”

I hope the next time John introduces Scott Dow at some similar gathering of guests he will add that as well as being one of the industry’s champions advocating process improvement for recruiting, Scott was one of the first vendors in the business who really gets the Recruiting Roadshow’s underlying purpose, value and potential.

Reengineering and retooling recruiting processes and practice suggests that control can be exercised to ensure a better quality hire and workplace on the backend. Contrasting that, developing social networks, local communities and individual recruiters’ needs requires an approach that considers the nature of the thing, quite a different mindset from lean and clean.

That Scott Dow gets both those things makes him all the more exciting to have onboard as one of our sponsors for Atlanta.

If your joining the gathering for our Atlanta event and you get a chance, find a minute to spend with Scott.  You won’t regret it!

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


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