I loved Matt Martone’s track, but…

I was talking to one of the people who went to the REHAB: Recruitment blog strategies to Reach, Engage, Hire and Attract the Best track which was lead by Matt Martone. They said that they loved it so much they wanted get started with some of the strategies Matt shared but all the stuff about RSS and “readers” was a bit confusing for a newbie.

So, here is the first in a series of posts which will hopefully help sort out the basics for anyone who wants to get started. I have created a new category Tutorials where we can organize some of this useful how-to stuff.

Google Reader: Getting Started

When you’ve started setting up your reader, make Matt’s site the first one you add. You can also email Matt with your questions and network with him too.

Stay posted for updates from Matt’s session, or better still – subscribe!

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


  1. Hey guys,

    Don’t forget, My Yahoo is another great rss reader. In fact its the most popular (I’m pretty sure).

    You can check it out at: http://my.yahoo.com

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