Do You Want My Resume? How About a Beer?

In his Atlanta keynote on the pros and cons of using social networks for recruiting Steven Rothberg closed with a few observations about recruiting in virtual worlds like Second Life.

Illustrating some of the potential problems for recruiters Steven referenced an instance where instead of pulling his resume from out of his pocket a candidate pulled out a beer instead.

Virtual job interviews? Digital job fairs? It is confusing I know but perhaps this is the stuff that urban legends are made of…

…it’s just so hard to tell!

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


  1. The how about a beer? That intrigues me. What happens over beer? Anyone care to say?

    How do you craft relationship that operates out of aligned strategy to make a difference? and what does that mean in the recruitment world?

    Is virtual life like sex with no orgasm? or is it an addition?

    How do you recruit for talent if you don’t really talk to someone and what does “really talking to someone mean?”

    BTW, I do have a picture in my profile. It just does not show up here.

  2. the beer in lieu of a resume may be an urban legend, but when I referenced it in my blog ( I had just heard it reported on NPR and simply repeated it (the beginning of the legend?). But my point was why are we trying to weed out pretenders in second life when we can find real people for our jobs in this life.

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