Gassing Up

John Sumser's Recruiting RoadshowAs we gear up for the next Recruiting Roadshow in Dallas on Tuesday, December 4th, 2007 it is tempting to stay focused on the road ahead, not look back. But that’s not how it is.

By most estimates the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow was a success. The people who turned up left with a variety of things that ran the gamut of positive impressions, affirmations and lessons learned, acquaintances made and friendship renewed.

That’s how it was meant to be and how it is hoped it can continue.

I cannot talk to most people’s experience when it comes to delivering the Recruiting Roadshow’s promise of “bringing physical community to social networks” but for those who I have spoken to I am told the day was a force multiplier for their networking efforts.

For me I can say that the value of this collaboration with John Sumser has been immense and continues to grow. My personal network has been enriched and expanded. I’m excited about the road ahead.

More, my whole view of the intrinsic value of networking – as well as the mechanics of it – is changing. I will be documenting that process as this journey progresses. Also, I will be exploring other aspects of networking that dovetail with the Recruiting Roadshow’s underlying theme of building physical community and enfranchising more local recruiters. So, stay posted for that and the continuing updates for Atlanta!

There were some great lessons learned for John and me as we sat back and weighed the Atlanta Recruiting Roadshow in the balance. As we move forward on the next leg of the tour we will be applying some of those lessons and further testing our assumptions. After all, it is an experiment.


  1. Amanda Papp

    Any chance you will make it to Houston, Austin, or San Antonio?

  2. Amanda, I think its safe to say we’ll be getting there at some point although we have no firm dates yet.

    Stay posted for any updates and future Roadshow destinations!

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