Building Community, One Roadshow at a Time

John Sumser's Dallas Recruiting Roadshow

There are number of announcements to make about John Sumser’s Dallas Recruiting Roadshow and quite a few posts following up on topics from Atlanta. That said the two most important messages for the day are these:

Important message number one: We will be trying out some new approaches for the Dallas event ranging from how we promote the day to the format and content for the happening on Tuesday, December 4, 2007.

While the experiment continues to test some theories about how best to bring physical community to social networks the underlying promise remains unchanged. The goal is to provide Dallas’ recruiters with a day of learning, networking and community in a way that helps that continue after some of us have left town.

Important message number one: Dennis Smith will be running the show! For those who may not know Dennis all that is about to change. Anyone who does know Dennis will know why!

Dennis is the driving force behind where for years he has been busy “building wireless careers, one blogpost at a time,” — sometimes literally. He is a poster boy for artfully combining conversational marketing, social media with down-to-earth goodness. And , oh yes, and he was one of my teachers.

An ol’ time blogger and knock-your-socks-off recruiter, Dennis is well connected both online and on the ground in Dallas. Best of all, anyone who knows Dennis loves him.

So, who better than Dennis to run the show? Stay posted, there is a lot more to follow!

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


  1. Ami – we’re well on our way to getting this Dallas Roadshow kicked off. In fact, we’ve secured our location and will be hosting the event at the site of the University of Dallas’ brand new campus in Frisco, TX:

    This will be a great opportunity to bring some community with recruiters in that area – I’m looking forward to it!


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