Gives Dallas a Lift

John Sumser's Recruiting Roadshow
I spoke yesterday with the President and Founder of, my friend Steven Rothberg.

Disappointed at being shut out from the recent bidding for a piece of Facebook Steven is not one to cry in his beer. He is putting his investments elsewhere and sponsoring the Dallas Recruiting Roadshow instead!

It’s a shame Steven won’t be able to join us on the day to share his wealth of knowledge on using social networks for recruiting best practice like he did in Atlanta. But no matter — there is plenty here online to dig through and many more lessons inspired by his ongoing research. Case in point, see today’s post on Social Network Ignoramus: The Fate of a Recruiting Dinosaur?

Steven and continue to be good friends to the Roadshow. Thank you!


  1. Shut out in my bidding for Facebook? As if! Heck, Microsoft “only” bought 1.6 percent! Don’t you read my blog?

    Just kidding. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to continue to work with you, John Sumser, and everyone else involved in the Recruiting Roadshow unconferences.

  2. Steven, not only do I read your blog, but I link to it too begging the question: don’t you read mine? 😉

    Thanks for your support.

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