itzbig: Rewriting the Book on Spellbinding

John Sumser's Recruiting Roadshow

When recruiters complain that sourcing online fails to produce candidates who match the requirements and/or fit-in in other ways they echo the complaints of candidates who face similar frustrations.

Posting resumes on any number of job boards and creating profiles on any number of professional or social networks — being cut and pasted, searched, tagged, indexed and archived — simply means that recruiters have more pools in which to find more frogs to kiss.

The problem is this: Kissing frogs sucks.

Normally it doesn’t take very long to realize that some frogs are easier to pucker-up for than others. The more “baggage” the candidate has – on paper at least — the harder it is to kiss that frog.

For candidates, being treated more like a frog rather than the other half of happy-ever-after simply leads them to stay out of the water. Besides, the last thing this new breed of “quiet working professional” wants is to be kissed by an employer to find they’ve been lumbered with an ugly sister.

itzbig is the first network of its kind which allows these quiet working professionals to anonymously look around and see what opportunities exist without having to jump in and make a lot of ripples.

In the same way, recruiters can focus on only those people who best match their selection criteria. And, once the match has been made it’s up to both to the candidate and recruiter to take the next step, a kiss perhaps.Having Austin-based itzbig underwrite the John Sumser’s Dallas Recruiting Roadshow is a big deal — we’re excited!

Recognizing in this experiment the same potential to change how we think about building community that itzbig’s leadership has delivered doing the same with HR technology is a good thing.

itzbig’s willingness to ensure that local recruiters have access to a day of real networking and learning without having to pay themselves the hundreds of dollars it would otherwise cost to visit one of the industry’s annual conferences — or to suffer the sales pitches that go with all of that – is also a measure of their forward-thinking.

When you come to the Recruiting Roadshow in Dallas make sure to look up itzbig’s Hank Stringer and Jim Hammock who along with our other great sponsors are making it happen!

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


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