John Sumser's Recruiting Roadshow

You know a real marathon runner when you see them effortless pass you by, still carrying the torch as if they had just left the stadium, running to the horizon and looking ahead. It is rare that a good marathon runner can be equally good in the team effort of running a relay. However, on the track or on the road, you know a winner when you see one because they are generally ahead of the pack.

Oh, look — its Bill Vick!

Bill is one of the very few leaders in the recruiting business who can run with the batons of vision, strategic planning, effective execution, monetization and reinvention while looking far enough ahead to know which batons he should be handing off where and when. I think he describes that as being a “serial entrepreneur,” modestly omitting the words: “Among recruiting’s most successful” in describing himself.

What makes Bill so remarkable is that he runs the distance, pacing himself over the long haul. While he is managing his numerous ventures, Bill is also cultivating an expanding network unusual for its number of personal relationships, building community and fostering growth in both agency and corporate environments, and still managing a recruiter’s desk – excuse me, a headhunter’s desk.

On Tuesday, December 4 – if you register for John Sumser’s Dallas Recruiting Roadshow in enough time – you can visit with Bill and enjoy his interactive presentation…Getting from Here to There: Technologies, Tools and Techniques for Advancing Recruiters’ Effectiveness.

Bill will be joined by seminal figures from the recruiting industry’s inside track. They will share their insights into elements of the technologies and techniques that Bill will be showcasing in his workshop:

  • Steven Rothberg will talk with Bill about using social networks like MySpace and Facebook for recruiting. Of course, Steven is no stranger to the Recruiting Roadshow and his company is a sponsor of the Dallas event.
  • Matt Martone will talk with Bill about using search engines and social media to optimize your recruiting efforts and ensure you have a competitive advantage over the recruiters who think “posting’ starts and ends with a job board. Like Steven, Matt is no stranger to the Recruiting Roadshow having run his own workshop in Atlanta. He also committed Yahoo! HotJobs to sponsoring the Dallas Roadshow, supporting us all in so many ways!
  • The affable “barn raiserJason Davis will talk with Bill about blogging and how to use blogs to promote your organization, advance your professional interests, recruit hidden talent and much more. Jason was not only one of the founders of leading industry blog but now presides over the fastest growing social network of recruiters on the planet – Jason also leads The Fordyce Letter and its expansion program.
  • Chris Russell will talk to Bill about how to incorporate multimedia in your recruitment campaigns touching on everything from video resumes to podcasting your jobs! Like Bill, Chris is a pioneer who always pushes the envelope, bringing new technology and methods to competitive recruiting practice. And, like Bill in other ways, Chris is a publisher and a teacher too!

In keeping with his “really getting it,” Bill will be hosting his guests via satellite, or something like it! When we say the Recruiting Roadshow is about “bringing physical community to social networks” you can expect Bill to run ahead of the pack and lead by example.

Don’t miss this! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 4, 2007 and register now!

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


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