Hank Stringer

Dallas Recruiting Roadshow Workshop Leader
Industry Leader, Entrepreneur and Author

Hank Stringer has over two decades of experience as a successful high-tech industry recruiter, entrepreneur, and innovator in the use of information technology in the recruitment and employment process.

Forecasting a talent shortage in 1994, Stringer applied his energy and experiences to start Hire.com. There, he and a team of entrepreneurs created the first ASP business model, utilizing the Internet to scale and automate interactive recruiting relationships and processes. Under his tenure, Hire.com’ revolutionary approach dramatically changed the way companies such as Federal Express, BP, Allianz, Raytheon and Prudential recruit, hire, and retain talent.

Prior to founding Hire.com, Stringer was president and co-founder of Pedley-Stringer, Inc., a high-tech recruitment firm. Stringer previously served as an internal recruiting consultant for Tandem Computers and Dell Computer, where he was responsible for a number of special recruiting projects in the U.S. and Asia.

Stringer has authored many articles about recruitment and the future of talent management in the workplace, and is an accomplished speaker who has appeared at numerous international industry-leading events.

Stringer holds a B.A. in Journalism and Government Studies from Texas State University and currently serves as President of the Advisory Board for the McCoy School of Business at his alma mater. Hank lives with his wife and two children in the hill country outside Austin, Texas.


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