Nothing is Free, Not Even Lunch!

Over the last few days I have a number of calls and emails asking, “What is the cost for the upcoming Dallas Recruiting Roadshow?”.

The fact of the matter is that all of the expenses to put this event on have been covered by John Sumser and his friends.

John Sumser's Recruiting Roadshow

That means that Hank Stringer is not only sharing his time and expertise leading one of our networking workshops but his company itzbig is underwriting the event as our charter sponsor.

Don Ramer CEO of Arbita — who we hope will be showing up in person — is paying for lunch and refreshments. Don has supported the Roadshow from the get-go providing first-class fare for over 250 Roadshow delegates and doing more behind the scenes, cooking up other stuff.

Recruiting heavy-hitters Bill Vick and Martin Birnbach are not only waiving thousands of dollars in appearance fees but they are providing a host of other valuable things, most of all their training and coaching which — if applied — is priceless.

T-Mobile are providing the venue for the day and making sure everyone is comfortable and well taken care of.

Steven Rothberg and, Bill Vargas with with Martin Snyder and Bill Kubicek of Main Sequence Technologies/PCRecruiter, Dennis Smith with WorldLink, Matt Martone with Yahoo! HotJobs and Camille Roberts with ZoomInfo have all given generously with financial contributions and material support.

Without these people and organizations — and more in the pipe — getting access to the quality of thinking, training, networking and community for the session we have planned would be cheap at $600 a head.

There is no quid pro quo. The giving from the Recruiting Roadshow’s sponsors is generous, gracious and without strings attached.

So, take a moment to consider this:

“What kind of people and what kind of organizations would want to do this for me?”

“Are they the kind of organizations I would do business with – socially responsible and on top of their game?”

I know, you want to know how to return the favor for being sponsored for the Dallas Recruiting Roadshow, right?

  • Show up ready to share, learn, participate and laugh — or cry if needs be!
  • Take at least one thing away from the experience that will leave you better equipped, more sharply focused, more intensely committed and/or better connected with your recruiting neighbors
  • Take a look at who your sponsors are, understand what they do and go to them when the opportunity arises — not as vendors but as new and valuable contacts in your expanding network of Recruiting Roadshow friends.

Nothing is free, no, not even lunch. But on Tuesday, December 4 — if you are in Dallas or from around those parts — you’ll be well taken care of! That’s a promise.

Register here…

Posted by: Amitai Givertz


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