141 Recruiting

John Sumser's Recruiting Roadshow

As usual, talking with Hank Stringer was a joy. Founder of Hire.com (now part of Authoria) and itzbig (the incremental, bilateral matching system), Hank is having a temporary tour of life as a disabled person. With broken heel, transportation trolley cart, laptop and zeal, Hank is going to be doing the networking exercise at the Dallas Recruiting Roadshow. (Have you seen the video?)

Hank and I share the view that the depth of the relationship between a recruiter and a candidate is going to expand. Hiring decisions are getting harder and more expensive (the labor shortage). The risk of a bad hire is growing (the economic environment). Where it was once possible to use the spaghetti test to see if a candidate made a good employee, the consequences of failure rule that approach out. (The spaghetti test is roughly “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks”.)

While most of the industry is focused on driving cost and cycle time out of the recruiting process, there is a separate phenomenon in the labor market.

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