It’s really delightful to get solid upbeat feedback after one of the Roadshows. This note comes from Jesse Zimmerman from Credera:

Super performance today! You guys were top notch experts at delivering a highly informative set of messages.The topics were incredibly appropriate and masterfully unpacked. You guys know how to put on a show!!

As I’ve shared with others, if I had to sum up today’s event, I would put it into these three words, “Not enough time”. It was so compelling that I completely lost track of time. Next thing I know, we’re done and I’m still salivating for more. My only suggestion for the future is that you make this a full day event. The message is so critical and the timing so perfect that it’s worth shutting down life for a full day to experience the Roadshow in it’s entirety.

Specific feedback to the points you made today: Your insight into the evolution of social demographics was a confirmation for me that our world as we’ve know it is coming to a close. Personally, I’ve experienced the ideological and iconic blessing bestowed upon great leaders such as Vince Lombardi and Jack Welch. And I’ve never felt more violated as a professional; however, as of late, I’ve felt the walls of control begin to lose their footing. And I’m now starting to see the ripple effect of young blood emerging into positions of leadership. What I experienced today in your message was a revealing truth that a new society is being developed and that young generations are on a mission to break down the bondage that is felt within the hierarchical infrastructure of big business as we know it today. From where I’m sitting, that’s a great thing. I’m a sold-out proponent of change that offers opportunities for healthier relationships and it seems like the message of transparency is “Step One” to getting us closer to more appropriate communication and behaviors.

Thanks for sharing today. This is my first encounter, and I was pleasantly impressed with thought and research that went into your presentation.

Looking forward to crossing paths again 🙂

Thanks again and I can’t wait to implement these new tools into my daily operations.


  1. Great show! I have been in the “people business” for over 15 years mainly in outside B2B sales but most recently as a technical recruiter for Analysts International. Needless to say I enjoyed Martin Birnbach’s presentation as I truly had a connection with my sales and now recruiting background.

    I also would like to extend my appreciation for Hank Stringer and the time he took to speak with us. I also has a connection with Hank as I am originally from Austin, TX and came across Itzbig during my first month of recruiting.

    John Sumser offered some interesting views and analysts of todays diverse workforce and what the future my hold.

    And of course I am excited to implement the tools that Bill Vick shared with us on how to use the latest technology to make us more effective recruiters. Its one thing to be aware of social networking sites and business networking sites, however you must learn the right way to use them if you want results.

    Overall I was very pleased with the Dallas Roadshow and I am looking forward to future events that will help me be a better recruiter. Great job to all involved!

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