John Sumser's Recruiting RoadshowJason Davis and Steven Rothberg managed to be in Dallas without ever leaving the toasty comfort of their snowbound homes in the north. (Jason lives in Toronto; Steven lives in Minneapolis.) Although the magic trick was spectacular, smarter people might have figured out how to be in Dallas without ever going to places where it snows routinely.

The Houdini like magic trick was orchestrated by Bill Vick, the fabled Internet Recruiting pioneer as a waxed, waned and demonstrated Web 2.0 in a presentation on Social Media. (Bill can be found here, here, here and here. He seems to only live online.) Bill has been building and contributing to the Recruiting Industry for a very long time. Bill received a special award for compacting his talk into a very tight space.

His presentation was a blend of skype based interviews and introductions to the art and science of Social Media.

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  1. 1 Martin Snyder's Passing Scene

    Dallas Recruiting Roadshow – Nice Model

    I attended John Sumser’s Recruiting Roadshow in Dallas.
    Amitai Givertz called me and proposed a sponsorship opportunity. Because I know Ami and John, I knew this would be a great event, and it was. You can read about the particulars here, but to …

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