Bill Vick is one of the most exciting and innovative thinkers in online recruiting and has been for years. Period.

His presentation at the Dallas Recruiting Roadshow was fascinating especially for those who were being introduced for the first time to some of the wider implications of social media and its potential value to recruiters.

Bill touched on how recruiters — like marketers — need to understand how to harness the power of Web 2.0 technologies. One of the points Bill made was that when building a profile the data should be as complete as possible.

That’s a good idea for sure but some caution should be exercised. After all, you wouldn’t someone taking your LinkedIn profile and making a dogs dinner of it, now would you?


  1. Dorothy Beach

    I’m a big fan of Bill Vick and he generously speaks regularly at the DFWTRN events. A great presentation at the Show that wasn’t finished because of time constraints – do we have access to the slide show? This website is so busy I can’t seem to find it if indeed it is on here. Thanks for a follow up because Bill said it would be shared!

  2. Thank you for the kind words Dorothy.

    I’m creating a video version of the entire presentation and will be sending a link out for that, along with a few other goodies of interest to recruiters and staffing professionals.

    You can register at and I expect to have the complete video ready for viewing over the next week

  1. 1 Social Media and Recruiter Babble: Going Up! | Amitai Givertz’s Recruitomatic Blog

    […] Mezzanine level, going up: On the topic of the importance of online profiles – why recruiters should have them, how they are used in recruiting, and how they will be used in the future – Bill made an interesting comment, something to the effect that the day is coming that everything that could be known about a person will be available for anyone to sniff out online. Hmmm…that may have some downside, don’t you think? […]

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