Thank Yous

(January 02, 2008) I want to start the year by thanking people who helped with the last one. The risk in doing this publicly is that I have missed some critical moments and people (pleading age related memory loss). So, expect a small update tomorrow and accept my apologies today.

The people on this list made 2007 memorable and interesting. Often, they are writers of blogs. Sometimes, they are industry figures. Some are family, some are friends and some are fellows of the road. Theuy all helped, in their way, to shape the roadshow and my adventures.

Thank you.


  1. As the likely oldest dog on your list John, I wish you and the Sumser clan a great 2008 and know the Roadshow will continue to reflect your unique take on recruiting.

    I’d be most interested in hearing your projections on the changes expected in this arena say 5 or even 10 years hence.

    Perhaps you could even challenge your readers to provide their own unique take on our changing industry.

    As new tools are developed and the use of the Net continues to evolve, this should be an interesting exercise.

    Will job boards continue to exist? If so, how will they change? What new technologies will make recruiting different and how will these changes effect our industry.

    Hopefully some conclusions could be drawn from both the perspective of the recruiter and employer.

    “A prize to be given, the winner to count, as the one who presented the most likely account”.

  2. My business partner and I sat down last week to discuss 2007…the good and the bad. When spoke about the different industry (recruiting) events, we concluded our participation in the Recruiting Roadshow (Atlanta) was the most informative event of the year. Not only have we referenced the presentations multiple times over the past few months, we also were delighted to meet knowledgeable peers in the industry excited about the evolution of the recruiting industry. I encourage any recruiter to attend the Roadshow. Also, please come back to ATL in 2008!

  3. you are welcome John =)

    ps. that link you put for me is so old & i’m surprised sean rehder still keeps it up…

    here’s a new link of a forthcoming blog:

  1. 1 Prediction #1 Almost Comes True Before Year Even Starts » article » Diggings

    […] a side note, thanks to John Sumser and Jason Davis for their kind comments. I couldn’t find a link to where Jason posted his […]

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