Las Vegas Recruiting Roadshow

(January 28, 2008) I had breakfast with Susan Burns on Friday. (Notice that the link is to Dave Mendoza’s blog. He’s doing some amazing work.) One of the things that I noticed over eggs (besides Hollandaise) was the importance of hearing other people talk about your business.

There’s just no way that an individual (or a team) can overcome the limits on their perspective. It takes outsiders to tell you the obvious (as the nose on your face) truth.

Susan said, “Oh, I get it. The Roadshows are a way for vendors to give back to the Recruiting Community.”  Of course she’s right. And, of course I couldn’t see it that way because it was right in front of me. I needed Susan’s help to articulate the obvious.

Each Recruiting Roadshow™ is a sponsored event, free to participants. A Roadshow provides continuing education for professionals in the Recruiting Industry. Our sponsors make the event possible as a way of giving back to the Industry. (Thanks, Susan)

All of the details have been finalized for the February 27th Roadshow event in Las Vegas.

Here are the highlights:

  • We’ll have a networking exercise designed to introduce neighbors to each other
  • Richard Becker is going to talk about Effective Online Networking
  • Doug Geinzer will lay out the details of the Vegas Recruiting Ecosystem
  • Don Ramer will give a talk on the evolution of Web Recruiting
  • I’ll present my latest discoveries in the Multigenerational Recruiting arena.

The fun begins at 8:00 am (free breakfast with registration). The actual goings-on start at 900am. Register here

More information to come.

John Sumser. – © 2008 Two Color Hat, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA


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