Las Vegas

(February 25, 2008) Doug Geinzer is a saint. The CEO of Recruiting Nevada has enthusiastically given his time, rolodex and attention to building the momentum for the Las Vegas Recruiting Roadshow (Wednesday the 27th, register here). We’re really lucky to have him as the local coordinator in Las Vegas.

As I head out the door, I’m prepared for a week’s worth of meetings, entertainment and continuing education. Hopefully, I’ll see you at the Roadshow on Wednesday or the party on Thursday night.


You can register for the Las Vegas Recruiting Roadshow here. Detailed information about the Las Vegas Roadshow is here

The agenda for the free event is simple, breakfast four presentations and a structured networking exercise. Continuing education, no sales pitches.

  • Doug Geinzer, the CEO of Las Vegas’ own Recruiting Nevada. is a pivotal part of the Roadshow. He is providing help from marketing to local logistics. He’ll present a survey of the Recruiting landscape, opportunities and shortages.
  • Don Ramer, CEO and Founder of Arbita, will offer a roadmap to the evolution of Online Recruiting in your organization
  • Richard Becker will deliver a presentation on the effective use of social media in Recruiting
  • John Sumser will share a view of multigenerational recruiting.

The Las Vegas Recruiting Roadshow is free to participants. Our sponsors are:

The event is underwritten by the wonderful team at Arbita.


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