All appearances to the contrary, the Recruiting Industry is populated by people who began their careers with a desire to help others. Somehow, the optimism and enthusiasm wanes over the course of a career. But, there’s a spark that can be rekindled.

One of the things I get from doing the Recruiting Roadshows is the opportunity to meet a lot of the people who work in our industry. At the grassroots level, there is a resurgence of the energy that brings people into out business in the first place. Networking online is one thing but there is nothing like meeting people face to face.

A major objective of the Roadshow project is to provide a context fo local networking among Recruiting professionals who want to improve their personal performance. It works for the participants. It works for me as well.

Dave Mendoza (and here) is always a surprise to me. No one works harder or is more generous with his resources. Dave came to the Las Vegas Recruiting Roadshow yesterday. He looked around, found things to do and pitched in. He just showed up and delivered. He’s like that. Thanks, Dave. (Wait to see his videos)

Jason Davis did the same. Trucking in from Toronto, Jason showed up early and helped with the startup logistics while running a solid charm offensive in the halls. It’s this sort of volunteer spirit that makes the real grassroots Recruiting community really work.

After the event, over lunch, we were lucky enough to be joined by Moises Lopez ( also here) and Dan Harris  (and here) who reinforced the idea that the business is built on generosity. Both Moises and Dan are working demonstrations of the power of passion and generosity in their work.

The Roadshow itself was a remarkable event. About 150 people came to the Green Valley Ranch for a half day of networking and continuing education.  Stay tuned for more pictures, reviews and out takes.

The event is underwritten by the wonderful team at Arbita.

– John


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