Cheesman Headlines Cleveland Roadshow

The Recruiting Roadshow™ is coming to Cleveland on April 29th. The free half-day event will be held on the campus of Main Sequence Technologies in the town of Willoughby (here’s a map). A light breakfast and lunch are a part of the offering. Seating is limited and advance registration is required. (Register here)

The Recruiting Roadshow™ delivers continuing education for Recruiters. All Recruiting Roadshow™ events are free, sponsored by companies who are committed to improving the industry.

The goal of a Recruiting Roadshow™ is to help Recruiters harness the resources available in their own neighborhoods. Through a combination of structured networking exercises and topical content, the events strive to create a sense of community.

Many of the participants in the Roadshow events are also visible in online communities for Recruiters. The Recruiting Roadshow™ attempts to integrate online and offline community. We believe that it takes a combination of the two (physical and online) to make a community that really works.

Joel Cheesman, the widely respected voice behind Cheezhead will be among the presenters. Joel’s talks on the use of Search Engine Optimization in Recruiting are the stuff of legends.

Don Ramer, the charismatic CEO of Arbita, will deliver a talk on the future of recruiting in a social networked world.

John Sumser, the founder of the Recruiting Roadshow™, will address the demographic changes that are shaping the workplace.

A special guest will round out the foursome.

Again, seating is limited and advance registration is required. Look here for more info.


  1. Cleveland! Prepare to be rocked! (in a good way)

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