Cleveland, Tuesday, Be There

Next Tuesday, the 29th, the Recruiting Roadshow arrives in Cleveland, Ohio. This will be the sixth Roadshow to date. The project has been successful in each city we’ve visited.

If you’re in the neighborhood on Tuesday, please join us. You can register here.

As expected, each city turns out to be wildly different along recruiting fault line. Local population growth rates, ethnic diversity, geography, climate, industry, manners, regional culture, labor supply (by profession) and a number of other factors determine what’s really important. The number, density and tactics of the regional recruiting workforce depend on these issues.

Cleveland will be another really useful data point in the experiment.

We keep using the word ‘experiment’ because this is unchartted territory. Unlike traditional trade shows and/or events run by local trade associations, the Recruiting Roadshow focuses on local issues. The idea is to build new self-aware local networks of Recruiters that are designed to help recruiters help each other.

Recruiting Roadshows are free for participants.

We’re supported in this task by a number of very helpful sponsors and an underwriter (the difference is in the size of the check and the depth of assistance).

  • Arbita is our first underwriter. Arbita is modeling the behavior of the 21st Century Recruitment Advertising agency. Don Ramer and his amazing team provide the project with site design, writing and logistics. Please visit them.
  • is the official online community of the Recruiting Roadshow. If you are not yet a member, please visit them and sign up.
  • Zoom Info is the Boston based sourcing powerhouse. Zoom has a huge database of passive candidates.
  • PC Recruiter is a power tool for high performing Recruiters. They are hosting the Roadshow in Cleveland.

Please help out by visiting these generous friends and learning about their offerings.




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