Louis Vong – TMP, Vice President, Interactive Strategy

Louis is a 13-year veteran of the advertising and marketing industry. He first cut his teeth in the ad agency world at DDB Seattle back in the ’90s before joining a small creative boutique agency called Austin Knight. Austin Knight was one of the few early adopters of interactive development for talent attraction in the mid-90s. At TMP Worldwide, Mr. Vong is responsible for keeping the agency at the forefront of interactive innovation and emergent technologies, working closely with clients to deliver innovative marketing strategies. Mr. Vong is also a member and co-chair of TMP Labs, TMP Worldwide’s internal think tank, tasked with development of next-generation recruiting strategies and tools.

Louis will give a presentation on the far edge of new media: Here is a synopsis of the talk:

A Splog and an Imglish Walk Into a Pub…the Splog says to the Imglish, “ru in the txt-off tom?” The Imglish replies, “afaik, I s/b. ttyl.”

OK, if you understood any of that you’re part of the generation that was an early adopter, or you grew up communicating this way. Social media and connective technologies have opened up the doors for marketers to reach consumers in so many ways. From mobile marketing and social networking to virtual worlds and gaming, we’re all participating and contributing to conversations that are unique and dynamic to our needs and wants.

Join us for an engaging discussion regarding emerging technologies and marketing trends for recruiting in the world of Web 2.0—and beyond. No matter what size your organization or recruiting budget, you’ll learn how the new media ecology is changing how we need to recruit and attract the next wave of talent.


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