Steve Bonomo: adidas-Group Global Head of Staffing

Steve Bonomo, Adidas Head of Global Recruiting

Steve is a sports enthusiast, a recruiting nut, and a man living his dream job.  He started preparing for his job today when he first stepped out on the little league field 30 years ago. Little did he know that the lessons he started learning on the little league field would guide him to this point in his career. The key lessons are: hard work pays off, one accomplishes far more working with teammates, and a good coach is critical to deliver successful end results.

After graduating from San Jose State University with a bachelor degree in Psychology, he spent one year as a teacher and baseball coach before going to work for a search firm in San Jose, California. His path eventually led to San Diego working for TaylorMade Golf, and then a short hop over to Herzogenaurach, Germany with the adidas Group. Today, Steve is focused on building out a global recruiting infrastructure, building the employer brand, and instilling a passion for recruiting in everybody he comes into contact with.

Steve will be joining Steve Fogarty to present “Killer Employment Brands”.
Here’s a synopsis:
Pull, grab, tear the essence of brand from your corporate bureaucracy and bring it to life.  We will explore how to identify the essence of your brand in highly complex, Global and multi-branded organization and amplify this in the talent marketplace.  Hear how we achieved the impossible by leveraging adidas marketing teams—brand marketing, product marketing, sports marketing and digital marketing.  Also learn how we built in design, simplicity and beauty into our employment branding initiative at all levels.  Design not as an afterthought or veneer but as a key component.  We will also look at how to differentiate between channels, brand, marketing, advertising or any other element that we often confuse for one another.  If employment branding is a key initiative within your recruiting group then this is a presentation you won’t want to miss.  


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