Steve Fogarty: adidas North America Recruiting Captain

Steve FogartyHere is Steve in his own words:

If you threw some adidas originals on Doc Holiday, asked him to give up dentistry and take on recruiting, took his pistol from him and gave him the internet then you have the role of talent acquisition in the 21st Century.

Doc Holiday ventured into the wild frontiers and to survive he needed to understand the landscape, have strong relationships, a reputation and an ability to act on it. This made him a legend.

Talent acquisition is the wild west of the 21st Century. Everybody is out there looking for their plot on the internet with the desire to build something great. You are either a bystander or you are in the game. Then you have the villains. These are all of those competitors out there looking at how they can build it better, faster, smarter. The landscape is constantly changing. You have to get smart about what’s relevant and what’s not. And if you play all your cards right you make it through the struggle, defeat the villains and make your indelible mark in digital history. Welcome to my frontier—the Wild Digital West.

At adidas I am tasked with building a world class talent acquisition function, a kicking talent brand, Web 2.0 recruitment strategy and whatever and wherever else the twists, turns, clicks and crashes of the Wild Digital West takes me. The thing that Doc did not have was a pair of kick’n adidas originals which I personally believe are a necessity in the Wild Digital West.

Prior to adidas I spent almost seven years at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. My role was to develop and implement integrated strategies to attract key talent. I served as a digital “trend spotter” for the agency’s staffing function as well as played a key role in advancing our talent relationship capabilities with CRM and Web 2.0/social networking strategies.

I spent the first two years of my career on the agency side. The volume and intensity of agency recruitment laid the foundation for where I am today.

At the Portland Recruiting Roadshow, he will be joined by Steve Bonomo, Steve Bonomo, adidas-Group Global Head of Staffing. Here’s a synopsis of their talk,

Killer Employment Branding:

Pull, grab, tear the essence of brand from your corporate bureaucracy and bring it to life. We will explore how to identify the essence of your brand in highly complex, Global and multi-branded organization and amplify this in the talent marketplace. Hear how we achieved the impossible by leveraging adidas marketing teams—brand marketing, product marketing, sports marketing and digital marketing. Also learn how we built in design, simplicity and beauty into our employment branding initiative at all levels. Design not as an afterthought or veneer but as a key component. We will also look at how to differentiate between channels, brand, marketing, advertising or any other element that we often confuse for one another. If employment branding is a key initiative within your recruiting group then this is a presentation you won’t want to miss.


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