Susan Burns: Founder of Talent Synchronicity

Founder of Talent Synchronicity
As president and founder of Talent Synchronicity, Susan develops talent strategy solutions through an integrated alignment with core business functions and processes. Susan weaves together technology, social media, branding, P & L experience, and alignment with business directives to create intrinsic value in strategic recruitment and talent initiatives. Through hands-on experience in organizations of various size and brand visibility, Susan has delivered successful solutions around developing integrated recruitment strategies, employment brand differentiation, workforce/talent planning, university recruitment strategies, recruitment team structure and processes, and recruitment leader development.

In addition to Talent Synchronicity, Susan is executive director for The Future of Talent – a small community of successful senior talent leaders. Through an annual retreat, practitioners come together to design guiding forecasts and strategies in the areas of talent acquisition, branding, knowledge management, employee development, and leadership.

Susan was previously Worldwide Talent Acquisition Leader with Waggener Edstrom (WE), the second largest privately held PR firm. Susan was responsible for leading and developing a global talent attraction and acquisition function, a workforce planning model, and Agency Executive Board guidance. Prior to WE, Susan was Operating Vice President of Employment Initiatives and College Relations for Federated Department Stores (Macy’s Inc). Her contributions included selection, development, deployment and utilization of recruitment technologies, employment brand development, SEO, marketing, change management, and talent-centric initiatives to further educate and align key constituents. Her groundbreaking work in the development of the platform, which included and, is still considered leading edge today.

Susan Will be presenting a talk on Communications Transformation and Your Talent Strategy. Here is a synopsis:

We are in the midst of a significant communication transformation.  The momentum being generated through the fingertips of individuals is growing exponentially.  The impact of Social Media is just beginning to be felt and the potential is just beginning to be understood.  Integrating social networking into your Talent Strategy is no longer an option but an important investment in delivering a competitive advantage to your company.  Focusing on key aspects of navigating the social landscape we’ll chart a path for success and fun in developing and managing an effective strategy.


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