Questions of Time and Place: Why Portland, Why Now?

I was asked why Portland was chosen as the next city on the Recruiting Roadshow tour, and if the timing was significant.

I thought the answer was easy. I was invited to bring the Recruiting Roadshow to Portland earlier in the year and I wanted to visit when I was least likely to be washed out or snowed in.

Imagining that would do I found myself in an a conversation that became involved. That’s how it is when simple questions are asked among friends in comfy chairs. Like the Recruiting Roadshow itself which started with a simple question too: “What if…”

I found myself talking about Portland as a placeholder in my career, itself a journey. Like much of what I’m learning from the Recruiting Roadshow, that too was an unexpected turn.

I am preparing a chronology of events for the Portland Roadshow attendees that documents the emergence of the industry as I have witnessed it unfold since 1993. I will also explain why against this backdrop an understanding of regional differences will be critical as we face an historic shift in workforce demographics.

If you would like to reserve a copy, please send me an email and will I forward the paper after our Portland event:


  1. Lisa Weiglin

    Yes, I would like a copy!


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