Silicon Valley, October 23

We’re getting excited about the upcoming Recruiting Roadshow in Silicon Valley. It’s on October 23rd at Adobe Headquarters in San Jose.

Register Here (It’s free) Includes Schedule and Directions

The presenters will include

  • John Sumser on Demographic Change “Spiky and Flat”
  • Don Ramer On Why Recruiting Matters
  • Nicole Bodem St Martin on SEO Recruiting
  • A Panel Of Sourcing Wizards including Dan Harris, Chris Murdock and Mark Tortorici

Here’s the story on the panel:

Sourcing: Best Techniques From The Pros

Come join us for a panel discussion with some of the top sourcers in the Silicon Valley.  Topics will include:

  • What it’s like to source in the Bay Area.  Issues that staffing departments face in these tough economic times.  How to find the right candidates in a pool that is ever-shrinking.
  • Advanced sourcing techniques, search tips and tools that are easily explained.  Go beyond the job boards that every recruiter uses. Advanced search strings for resumes, social network searches, sourcing candidates from usergroups & associations, software and browser tools that will save you extra steps in your search.
  • Live search exercises using audience job requisitions.  Question and answer session.
  • Panel members are Chris Murdock (Executive Sourcer at Yahoo), Dan Harris (Sourcer at Netapp), and Mark Tortorici (Sourcer Training Manager at Duran HCP).

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