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September 25, 2008


0800 Registration and Breakfast  
0900 Intros / Networking Exercise – John Sumser
0945 Spiky and Flat – John Sumser
1030 Next Level Strategies For Creating a Next Level Workplace – Jeff Kaye
1115 Break  
1130 Elements of Excellence in Search Relationships – Hank Stringer
1215 Advanced Social Sourcing Tools – Dennis Smith
1300 Lunch  

University of Dallas College of Business
Graduate School of Management, Professional Development Center, Frisco Campus
7460 Warren Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034

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Tuesday the 29th, the Roadshow rolled into Cleveland. Over 100 Recruiters had the opportunity to network and learn. Everyone walked away excited and refreshed.

The event was made possible by the investment of several sponsors:

  • Arbita, the Minneapolis based Internet Recruiting Powerhouse, is a staunch supporter who underwrites the Roadshows with cash, development and logistics support. There would be no Roadshow without them.
  • The event was held on the wonderful campus of Main Sequence Technologies who produce the amazing PCRecruiter. They are sponsoring the next several Roadshows as well.
  • Zoom Info is our partner in marketing as well as a committed sponsor of the Roadshows. Their tool gives Recruiters access to millions of passive candidates.
  • is the official online community of the Recruiting Roadshow. Jason Davis’ sprawling community is a place for Recruiters to help each other.

Please take a moment to visit them and thank them for supporting these fre events.

 Content at the Cleveland Roadshow consisted of five modules. These links will take you to a pdf copy of the presentation materials,:

  • The Introductions and Networking Exercise John Sumser Introduced the day. Marty Snyder welcomed the audience, delivering an eloquent presntation on the importance of community in Recruiting. Sumser ran a networking exercise that encouraged all the participants to interact with each other.
  • Joel Cheesman opened the morning of presentations with marketing in a web 2.0 world. As you’d expect, Joel’s self-deprecating style was the gateway to a broad introduction to web 2.0 tools. The audience was delighted and energized as the consequence of Joel’s talk.
  • Arbita‘s CEO, Don Ramer, offered a talk on Internet Recruiting: Past, Present and Future. A mesmerizing speaker, Ramer worked the audience through  the implications of a proactive future where collaboration and interdependence define Recruiting.
  • Trends in Background Checking was the subject of Jason Morris’ presentation. The world is changing and, according to JAson, background checking is ever more important.
  • After Lunch, John Sumser closed the day with Multigenerational Recruiting, a discussion of demographic dynamics that are driving cultural change.

I’ll tell you more about Cleveland in the coming days.

(January 18, 2008) Jason Davis and are the first charter sponsors for the entire 2008 Recruiting Roadshow™ series.  They join Don Ramer and Arbita, the first underwriters as pivotal financial and logistical supporters.

In a move that simultaneously validates his encouragement of ongoing professional education and the development of professional online community, Jason Davis will provide financial support, at the sponsorship level for the Recruiting Roadshow. As a part of the arrangement, participants in Roadshow events will be given opportunities to join the community at is now the official online community of the Recruiting Roadshow™. With nearly 1,000 members, is the fastest growing online network for recruiters around the planet. The network is built on the Ning platform and includes a variety of methods for interaction and collaboration between Recruiters.

Jason Davis, who founded, is a serial entrepreneur and long time Recruiter. Currently, Jason wears several hats. He keeps his fingers in the Recruiting game making a placement here and there. He specializes in the acquisition and sale of Recruiting-related domain names. He is the charismatic heart of the community. He is worrking long and hard on behalf of The Fordyce Letter ( as well.

The man is everywhere.

Wherever Jason lands, things start happening. At his best organizing a party, he has single-handedly built the Recruiting Industry’s very own Charity Poker tour. One thing is for sure. Things are going to get really interesting now that Jason is involved. Thank you, Jason. Your support and generosity will provide a profound foundation for the Recruiting Roadshow™.

John Sumser. – © 2008 Two Color Hat, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA

(January 10, 2008) Yesterday, Don Ramer made a very substantial commitment to the success of the Recruiting Roadshow™. Arbita, his highly successful Minneapolis company has stepped up in several significant ways.

If you’ve been following the story of the Recruiting Roadshow™ from the beginning, you’ll recall that Ramer and Arbita have been buying lunch all the way along. As our first sponsor, they’ve been in on the planning and execution of the Roadshow since before there was a Roadshow. Don has always been there with a word of encouragement or just the right bit of financial support.

Now, however, that commitment is becoming major league.

We’ve organized the Roadshow so that it’s sort of like Public Broadcasting. Free to the audience and supported by Underwriters, Sponsors and Friends. Each of those groupings involves specific resource commitments. (Let me know, by the way, if you’re interested in becoming a supporter.)

Ramer has agreed to be an underwriter for all of the events in 2008. The deal includes an array of other bits of logistics and technical support. Don and his team give us the foundation necessary to really grow the Recruiting Roadshow™ in 2008.

Thank you.

John Sumser. – © 2008 Two Color Hat, Inc. Santa Rosa, CA