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Presentation Description – As a recruiting professional whether you’re using search engines like Google, professional networks liked LinkedIn or social networks like Facebook, you’re using keywords everyday to find candidates. These same candidates are using keywords to look for jobs, in fact millions of job related searches are done monthly on search engines, job boards, job aggregators and other web properties. Learn how to take advantage of this talent opportunity without hiring an expert.

Nicole is the director of search marketing at her company. With almost 7 years of search marketing experience, she has consulted in the areas of PPC, SEO, usability, visitor experience, website design and corporate career site & job content optimization. She is a contributing author at and has authored many search marketing articles including the HR Search Marketing Blog that regularly covers SEO and marketing issues as they relate to the recruiting space. Nicole has spoken at search industry events including Search Marketing Strategies. (SES)

Nicole Bodem

Nicole Bodem


About Nicole Bodem-St Martin


It’s been a whirlwind since the highly successful Dallas Roadshow Last week. The RecruiterGuy offers a great recap.

Here are the materials:

– John Sumser’s Introduction and Presentation (Spiky and Flat)
– Jeff Kaye’s Presentation: Next Level Strategy for a Next Level Workplace
– Hank Stringer’s materials from Excellence in Search Relationships
– Dennis Smith’s delightful package Social Recruiting

(September 06, 2008) On September 25, 2008, the Recruiting Roadshow will be returning to Frisco, Texas (a Dallas suburb near Plano) for our second annual visit. As usual, the event, including Breakfast and Lunch, is free of charge.

Register here.

The Recruiting Roadshow is a continuing education project designed to meet the needs of local recruiters in local markets. The event is sponsored by a group of Recruiting Industry vendors who hope to strengthen the industry’s infrastructure. Each Recruiting Roadshow is a half day event featuring four presentations and an interactive networking experience.

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The Dallas Recruiting Roadshow will be held in the same venue as last year:

University of Dallas College of Business
Graduate School of Management, Professional Development Center,

Frisco Campus

7460 Warren Parkway
Frisco, TX 75034

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Register here

Registration begins at 8:00am. The event starts at 9:00am. Presentations are finished at 1:00pm. Lunch begins at 1pm.

The presentations begin with “Spiky and Flat: Why Local Recruiting is Critical in a Flat World”. John Sumser, Founder and CEO of the Recruiting Roadshow, describes critical changes in the Labor Market that offset the trend towards a flat world. The material is a logical follow-on to last year’s Multigenerational Recruiting presentation.

“Next Level Strategies for Creating a Next Level Workplace” is Jeff Kay‘s contribution to the proceedings. Get a birds-eye view of the best practices your competitors are using to woo and retain employees. Jeff runs the world’s largest single site Recruiting Office as the CEO of Kaye/Bassman International. His presentations are always full of energy and useful guidance.

There wouldn’t be a contemporary Recruiting Industry without the work of Hank Stringer. Founder of two major online Recruiting ventures ( and, Stringer is one of those visionaries who can’t keep the dirt out from under his fingernails. Hank’s presentation, Elements of Excellence in Search Relationships, is his latest take on the Recruiting Landscape. He promises to deliver a list of things you should expect in any excellent Recruiting relationship.

The final piece of the puzzle is an offering from Dennis Smith. (Dennis is also the host of the Dallas Roadshow). Dennis built his career using out-of-the-box thinking. He is one of the leading voices in the world of Recruiting Blogs. He will share his experience using “Advanced Social Sourcing Tools”.

Register here.

Here’s the schedule:

Registration and Breakfast
0900 Intros / Networking Exercise – John Sumser
0945 Spiky and Flat – John Sumser
1030 Next Level Strategies For Creating a Next Level Workplace – Jeff Kaye
1115 Break  
1130 Elements of Excellence in Search Relationships – Hank Stringer
1215 Advanced Social Sourcing Tools – Dennis Smith
1300 Lunch  

Register now. The Roadshows fill quickly and once the seats are gone, you have to join a waiting list.

Jeff Kaye

Jeff Kaye

Jeff Kaye is the President & Chief Executive Officer of Kaye/Bassman International and Next Level Recruiting Training. Jeff  graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor in Business and entered the search profession immediately.

This former National Recruiter of the Year with the world’s largest staffing organization has helped build the largest single site search firm in the country with annual search revenue in excess of $18M. His firm has won national awards for philanthropy and workplace flexibility.  His firm has also been named “The# 1 Best Place to Work in Dallas /Fort Worth” in 2005, 2007 and 2008, as well as, “The #1 Best Company to Work For in Texas” in 2006,2007 and 2008. 

As an industry expert in executive, professional, and technical search and retention, Jeff is often a frequent keynote speaker in the staffing community. Jeff has been featured on dozens of international  training meetings and videos. He has appeared on local and national television including CNN, FOX, Bloomberg and NBC and has been quoted in dozens of publications including USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Fortune. Jeff and his wife Tracy live in Dallas and have three children.

Founder of Talent Synchronicity
As president and founder of Talent Synchronicity, Susan develops talent strategy solutions through an integrated alignment with core business functions and processes. Susan weaves together technology, social media, branding, P & L experience, and alignment with business directives to create intrinsic value in strategic recruitment and talent initiatives. Through hands-on experience in organizations of various size and brand visibility, Susan has delivered successful solutions around developing integrated recruitment strategies, employment brand differentiation, workforce/talent planning, university recruitment strategies, recruitment team structure and processes, and recruitment leader development.

In addition to Talent Synchronicity, Susan is executive director for The Future of Talent – a small community of successful senior talent leaders. Through an annual retreat, practitioners come together to design guiding forecasts and strategies in the areas of talent acquisition, branding, knowledge management, employee development, and leadership.

Susan was previously Worldwide Talent Acquisition Leader with Waggener Edstrom (WE), the second largest privately held PR firm. Susan was responsible for leading and developing a global talent attraction and acquisition function, a workforce planning model, and Agency Executive Board guidance. Prior to WE, Susan was Operating Vice President of Employment Initiatives and College Relations for Federated Department Stores (Macy’s Inc). Her contributions included selection, development, deployment and utilization of recruitment technologies, employment brand development, SEO, marketing, change management, and talent-centric initiatives to further educate and align key constituents. Her groundbreaking work in the development of the platform, which included and, is still considered leading edge today.

Susan Will be presenting a talk on Communications Transformation and Your Talent Strategy. Here is a synopsis:

We are in the midst of a significant communication transformation.  The momentum being generated through the fingertips of individuals is growing exponentially.  The impact of Social Media is just beginning to be felt and the potential is just beginning to be understood.  Integrating social networking into your Talent Strategy is no longer an option but an important investment in delivering a competitive advantage to your company.  Focusing on key aspects of navigating the social landscape we’ll chart a path for success and fun in developing and managing an effective strategy.

Louis is a 13-year veteran of the advertising and marketing industry. He first cut his teeth in the ad agency world at DDB Seattle back in the ’90s before joining a small creative boutique agency called Austin Knight. Austin Knight was one of the few early adopters of interactive development for talent attraction in the mid-90s. At TMP Worldwide, Mr. Vong is responsible for keeping the agency at the forefront of interactive innovation and emergent technologies, working closely with clients to deliver innovative marketing strategies. Mr. Vong is also a member and co-chair of TMP Labs, TMP Worldwide’s internal think tank, tasked with development of next-generation recruiting strategies and tools.

Louis will give a presentation on the far edge of new media: Here is a synopsis of the talk:

A Splog and an Imglish Walk Into a Pub…the Splog says to the Imglish, “ru in the txt-off tom?” The Imglish replies, “afaik, I s/b. ttyl.”

OK, if you understood any of that you’re part of the generation that was an early adopter, or you grew up communicating this way. Social media and connective technologies have opened up the doors for marketers to reach consumers in so many ways. From mobile marketing and social networking to virtual worlds and gaming, we’re all participating and contributing to conversations that are unique and dynamic to our needs and wants.

Join us for an engaging discussion regarding emerging technologies and marketing trends for recruiting in the world of Web 2.0—and beyond. No matter what size your organization or recruiting budget, you’ll learn how the new media ecology is changing how we need to recruit and attract the next wave of talent.

Steve Bonomo, Adidas Head of Global Recruiting

Steve is a sports enthusiast, a recruiting nut, and a man living his dream job.  He started preparing for his job today when he first stepped out on the little league field 30 years ago. Little did he know that the lessons he started learning on the little league field would guide him to this point in his career. The key lessons are: hard work pays off, one accomplishes far more working with teammates, and a good coach is critical to deliver successful end results.

After graduating from San Jose State University with a bachelor degree in Psychology, he spent one year as a teacher and baseball coach before going to work for a search firm in San Jose, California. His path eventually led to San Diego working for TaylorMade Golf, and then a short hop over to Herzogenaurach, Germany with the adidas Group. Today, Steve is focused on building out a global recruiting infrastructure, building the employer brand, and instilling a passion for recruiting in everybody he comes into contact with.

Steve will be joining Steve Fogarty to present “Killer Employment Brands”.
Here’s a synopsis:
Pull, grab, tear the essence of brand from your corporate bureaucracy and bring it to life.  We will explore how to identify the essence of your brand in highly complex, Global and multi-branded organization and amplify this in the talent marketplace.  Hear how we achieved the impossible by leveraging adidas marketing teams—brand marketing, product marketing, sports marketing and digital marketing.  Also learn how we built in design, simplicity and beauty into our employment branding initiative at all levels.  Design not as an afterthought or veneer but as a key component.  We will also look at how to differentiate between channels, brand, marketing, advertising or any other element that we often confuse for one another.  If employment branding is a key initiative within your recruiting group then this is a presentation you won’t want to miss.  

The Recruiting Roadshow™ is coming to Cleveland on April 29th. The free half-day event will be held on the campus of Main Sequence Technologies in the town of Willoughby (here’s a map). A light breakfast and lunch are a part of the offering. Seating is limited and advance registration is required. (Register here)

The Recruiting Roadshow™ delivers continuing education for Recruiters. All Recruiting Roadshow™ events are free, sponsored by companies who are committed to improving the industry.

The goal of a Recruiting Roadshow™ is to help Recruiters harness the resources available in their own neighborhoods. Through a combination of structured networking exercises and topical content, the events strive to create a sense of community.

Many of the participants in the Roadshow events are also visible in online communities for Recruiters. The Recruiting Roadshow™ attempts to integrate online and offline community. We believe that it takes a combination of the two (physical and online) to make a community that really works.

Joel Cheesman, the widely respected voice behind Cheezhead will be among the presenters. Joel’s talks on the use of Search Engine Optimization in Recruiting are the stuff of legends.

Don Ramer, the charismatic CEO of Arbita, will deliver a talk on the future of recruiting in a social networked world.

John Sumser, the founder of the Recruiting Roadshow™, will address the demographic changes that are shaping the workplace.

A special guest will round out the foursome.

Again, seating is limited and advance registration is required. Look here for more info.

(January 30, 2008) The nice thing about an idea like the Recruiting Roadshow™ is that it seems to inspire lots of help. Our sponsors enjoy giving back to the community, knowing that their investment in education will deliver significant returns. They are generally willing to bet that they are investing in the right thing.

Then we have amazing friends like Matt Martone of Yahoo HotJobs.

Without prompting, Matt has pulled together the Recruiting Roadshow logo Challenge. He’s offering $100 to anyone who generates a logo that we pick to use on this site.The Details are here.  Thanks, Matt

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