I was asked why Portland was chosen as the next city on the Recruiting Roadshow tour, and if the timing was significant.

I thought the answer was easy. I was invited to bring the Recruiting Roadshow to Portland earlier in the year and I wanted to visit when I was least likely to be washed out or snowed in.

Imagining that would do I found myself in an a conversation that became involved. That’s how it is when simple questions are asked among friends in comfy chairs. Like the Recruiting Roadshow itself which started with a simple question too: “What if…”

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Decline of the Teen Workforce” recently published by the Oregon Employment Department laments young people’s non-participation in the workforce. It notes employer concerns that work ethic, customer service, and communication skills add to their worry for those who do go to work.

The article is remarkable for generally failing to identify the underlying problems and suggests a set of possible fixes that may do more to aggravate the problem than fix it. It typifies “Boomer Thinking,” itself part of the problem.

Until area employers grasp the issue is not with labor supply per se, or its ability to deliver, but with how to find, attract, engage and retain a next-generation workforce, the going is likely to continue to be tough for candidates, recruiters, employers, everyone.

Developing strategies for intergenerational recruiting, using traditional and social media to create brands and communications that connect, deploying existing and emerging technlogies effectively, and managing workforce dynamics are some of the key issues being addressed at the upcoming Oregon Recruiting Roadshow.

This learning and networking event is provided for area employers at no cost to you:

Friday, June 20, 2008

8:30 am PT – 2:30 pm PT

adidas Corporate Headquarters
5055 N Greeley Ave
Portland, OR 97217

Join industry leader and analyst John Sumser and a fantastic line-up of experts on hand to answer your questions and more.

The day’s agenda, speaker profiles and easy registration are available online now: http://tinyurl.com/6j3czu.

The Oregon Recruiting Roadshow is made possible by the generous giving of our sponsors: Arbita [www.arbita.com], ZoomInfo [www.zoominfo.com], PCRecruiter  [pcrecruiter.com] and RecruitingBlogs.com, the official online community of the Recruiting Roadshow.

adidas are hosting the event and providing for your comfort.
If you have any special needs, questions, comments or concerns please contact us via email at recruitingroadshow (at) gmail.com or call (415) 683-0775.

Don’t miss this event, invite your friends, and register today: http://tinyurl.com/6j3czu. You’ll be glad you did.

The promise of the “social web” to make recruiting easier has yet to be realized by those employers who secretly pine for “the way things were.” Social networking sites, blogs, video, podcasting and emerging technologies that should make it easier to connect with our recruiting audience often creates more confusion than opportunity. But it doesn’t have to be that way, it shouldn’t be that way.

On Friday June 20th you are invited to spend quality time with some of the brightest minds in the business, people who have been recognized for navigating this new recruiting landscape and for leading others to master it too. The experience starts with the Portland Recruiting Roadshow:

Friday, June 20, 2008

8:30 am PT – 2:30 pm PT

adidas Corporate Headquarters
5055 N Greeley Ave
Portland, OR 97217

You’ll meet and learn from trailblazers like industry analyst and publisher John Sumser, recruiters and brand mavens Steve Bonomo and Steve Fogarty, interactive impresario Louis Vong, recruiting and talent strategist Susan Burns, and Internet recruiting and employer branding guru Don Ramer.

The day’s agenda, speaker profiles and easy registration are available online now: http://tinyurl.com/6j3czu

The day is provided with the compliments of some fantastic sponsors: Arbita [www.arbita.com], ZoomInfo [www.zoominfo.com], PCRecruiter  [pcrecruiter.com] and RecruitingBlogs.com, the official online community of the Recruiting Roadshow. adidas are hosting the event for us.

If you have any special needs, questions, comments or concerns please contact us via email at recruitingroadshow@gmail.com or call (415) 683-0775.

Don’t miss this event, invite your friends, and register today: http://tinyurl.com/6j3czu

Here’s the formal invitation.

I think one-on-one communication is best. A personal note or email, phone call or face-to-face conveys more meaning for its immediacy, relevance and directness than being copied or conferenced in ever could.

The medium is important too.  Reading leads us to hear the sender’s voice in ways that a telephone call makes impossible. The nuance of a word and the inflection of a voice cannot convey the same messages communicated by facial expressions and body language.   

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Imagine this: An expectant mother decides she will go to the hospital because it seems that the baby is coming, no time to wait. Her sister carries the bags to the car, helps her sibling get in and they leave for the medical center.

So it was with Rose Mirielle Exumé and her sister Alta Grace Garcon who one Monday afternoon left their home in Deerfield Beach, Florida to travel the 15 miles or so to Broward General.

What is normally a routine journey on I-95 was for this family anything but and Olivier Jean Paul Exumé was born in the fast lane in the back seat of his auntie’s SUV.

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You might have noticed a flurry of activity here at the Recruiting Roadshow. We’ve officially started registering participants for the 2008 Portland Recruiting Roadshow.

If you want to cut to the chase, here are the event details and registration page.

Mark the 20th of June on your calendars. We’ll be bringing the whole shebang to Portland. The kind people at adidas have agreed to host the event. Portland will never be the same.

With five presentations, the Roadshow runs the gamut …. Strategy, Big Picture Demographics, Employment Branding Tactics, The Far Edge of Social Media and Vision. As usual, the Roadshow works to combine out of town and local talent. One of the key ideas is that the people in your town are everybit as capable as people known as experts.

Our sponsors and underwriters are hanging in with us through the experiment:

There is going to be a Recruitingblogs.com sponsored networking event following the Roadshow. More details to follow.

Founder of Talent Synchronicity
As president and founder of Talent Synchronicity, Susan develops talent strategy solutions through an integrated alignment with core business functions and processes. Susan weaves together technology, social media, branding, P & L experience, and alignment with business directives to create intrinsic value in strategic recruitment and talent initiatives. Through hands-on experience in organizations of various size and brand visibility, Susan has delivered successful solutions around developing integrated recruitment strategies, employment brand differentiation, workforce/talent planning, university recruitment strategies, recruitment team structure and processes, and recruitment leader development.

In addition to Talent Synchronicity, Susan is executive director for The Future of Talent – a small community of successful senior talent leaders. Through an annual retreat, practitioners come together to design guiding forecasts and strategies in the areas of talent acquisition, branding, knowledge management, employee development, and leadership.

Susan was previously Worldwide Talent Acquisition Leader with Waggener Edstrom (WE), the second largest privately held PR firm. Susan was responsible for leading and developing a global talent attraction and acquisition function, a workforce planning model, and Agency Executive Board guidance. Prior to WE, Susan was Operating Vice President of Employment Initiatives and College Relations for Federated Department Stores (Macy’s Inc). Her contributions included selection, development, deployment and utilization of recruitment technologies, employment brand development, SEO, marketing, change management, and talent-centric initiatives to further educate and align key constituents. Her groundbreaking work in the development of the Retailology.com platform, which included macysJOBS.com and bloomingdalesJOBS.com, is still considered leading edge today.

Susan Will be presenting a talk on Communications Transformation and Your Talent Strategy. Here is a synopsis:

We are in the midst of a significant communication transformation.  The momentum being generated through the fingertips of individuals is growing exponentially.  The impact of Social Media is just beginning to be felt and the potential is just beginning to be understood.  Integrating social networking into your Talent Strategy is no longer an option but an important investment in delivering a competitive advantage to your company.  Focusing on key aspects of navigating the social landscape we’ll chart a path for success and fun in developing and managing an effective strategy.

Louis is a 13-year veteran of the advertising and marketing industry. He first cut his teeth in the ad agency world at DDB Seattle back in the ’90s before joining a small creative boutique agency called Austin Knight. Austin Knight was one of the few early adopters of interactive development for talent attraction in the mid-90s. At TMP Worldwide, Mr. Vong is responsible for keeping the agency at the forefront of interactive innovation and emergent technologies, working closely with clients to deliver innovative marketing strategies. Mr. Vong is also a member and co-chair of TMP Labs, TMP Worldwide’s internal think tank, tasked with development of next-generation recruiting strategies and tools.

Louis will give a presentation on the far edge of new media: Here is a synopsis of the talk:

A Splog and an Imglish Walk Into a Pub…the Splog says to the Imglish, “ru in the txt-off tom?” The Imglish replies, “afaik, I s/b. ttyl.”

OK, if you understood any of that you’re part of the generation that was an early adopter, or you grew up communicating this way. Social media and connective technologies have opened up the doors for marketers to reach consumers in so many ways. From mobile marketing and social networking to virtual worlds and gaming, we’re all participating and contributing to conversations that are unique and dynamic to our needs and wants.

Join us for an engaging discussion regarding emerging technologies and marketing trends for recruiting in the world of Web 2.0—and beyond. No matter what size your organization or recruiting budget, you’ll learn how the new media ecology is changing how we need to recruit and attract the next wave of talent.

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