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October 23, 2008

0800 Registration and Breakfast  
0900 Intros / Networking Exercise – John Sumser
0945 Spiky and Flat – John Sumser
1030 Sourcing: Best Techniques From The Pros – Panel
1115 Break  
1130 Search Engine Optimization Recruiting Nicole St. Martin
1215 Recruiting As If People Mattered – Don Ramer
1300 Lunch  

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Registration starts at 800am. Register Here

The event runs from 900am until 100pm. Lunch is served at 100pm

Adobe Systems – Park Conference Room
321 Park Ave., San Jose, CA, 95110


Martin Snyder, whose company Main Sequence Technologies (PC Recruiter), was one of the sponsors of the Dallas Recruiting Roadshow, makes a number of key points in his latest piece.

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Bill Vick is one of the most exciting and innovative thinkers in online recruiting and has been for years. Period.

His presentation at the Dallas Recruiting Roadshow was fascinating especially for those who were being introduced for the first time to some of the wider implications of social media and its potential value to recruiters.

Bill touched on how recruiters — like marketers — need to understand how to harness the power of Web 2.0 technologies. One of the points Bill made was that when building a profile the data should be as complete as possible.

That’s a good idea for sure but some caution should be exercised. After all, you wouldn’t someone taking your LinkedIn profile and making a dogs dinner of it, now would you?

John Sumser's Recruiting RoadshowDallas was an amazing trip!

There were so many people involved in the Dallas Recruiting Roadshow, people who went above and beyond to make sure that the experience was a good one. So may people to thank..

On the ground and in the trenches, Dennis Smith and his team took care of the logistics, marshalling people and resources. Following suit, our fantastic sponsors, whiz-bang presenters, caterers, the University of Dallas and Roadshow visitors all played an integral part in making the day a huge success.

To each and everyone of you — from the heart — thank you, thank you, thank you!

In the coming days I will be posting some updates and some really useful links so stay posted.

John Sumser's Dallas Recruiting Roadshow

General Stuff

Internet Access

Free wireless is available.

Over the last few days I have a number of calls and emails asking, “What is the cost for the upcoming Dallas Recruiting Roadshow?”.

The fact of the matter is that all of the expenses to put this event on have been covered by John Sumser and his friends.

John Sumser's Recruiting Roadshow

That means that Hank Stringer is not only sharing his time and expertise leading one of our networking workshops but his company itzbig is underwriting the event as our charter sponsor.

Don Ramer CEO of Arbita — who we hope will be showing up in person — is paying for lunch and refreshments. Don has supported the Roadshow from the get-go providing first-class fare for over 250 Roadshow delegates and doing more behind the scenes, cooking up other stuff.

Recruiting heavy-hitters Bill Vick and Martin Birnbach are not only waiving thousands of dollars in appearance fees but they are providing a host of other valuable things, most of all their training and coaching which — if applied — is priceless.

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Dallas Recruiting Roadshow Workshop Leader
Industry Leader, Entrepreneur and Author

Hank Stringer has over two decades of experience as a successful high-tech industry recruiter, entrepreneur, and innovator in the use of information technology in the recruitment and employment process.

Forecasting a talent shortage in 1994, Stringer applied his energy and experiences to start There, he and a team of entrepreneurs created the first ASP business model, utilizing the Internet to scale and automate interactive recruiting relationships and processes. Under his tenure,’ revolutionary approach dramatically changed the way companies such as Federal Express, BP, Allianz, Raytheon and Prudential recruit, hire, and retain talent.

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John Sumser's Recruiting Roadshow

You know a real marathon runner when you see them effortless pass you by, still carrying the torch as if they had just left the stadium, running to the horizon and looking ahead. It is rare that a good marathon runner can be equally good in the team effort of running a relay. However, on the track or on the road, you know a winner when you see one because they are generally ahead of the pack.

Oh, look — its Bill Vick!

Bill is one of the very few leaders in the recruiting business who can run with the batons of vision, strategic planning, effective execution, monetization and reinvention while looking far enough ahead to know which batons he should be handing off where and when. I think he describes that as being a “serial entrepreneur,” modestly omitting the words: “Among recruiting’s most successful” in describing himself.

What makes Bill so remarkable is that he runs the distance, pacing himself over the long haul. While he is managing his numerous ventures, Bill is also cultivating an expanding network unusual for its number of personal relationships, building community and fostering growth in both agency and corporate environments, and still managing a recruiter’s desk – excuse me, a headhunter’s desk.

On Tuesday, December 4 – if you register for John Sumser’s Dallas Recruiting Roadshow in enough time – you can visit with Bill and enjoy his interactive presentation…Getting from Here to There: Technologies, Tools and Techniques for Advancing Recruiters’ Effectiveness.

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John Sumser's Recruiting Roadshow

When recruiters complain that sourcing online fails to produce candidates who match the requirements and/or fit-in in other ways they echo the complaints of candidates who face similar frustrations.

Posting resumes on any number of job boards and creating profiles on any number of professional or social networks — being cut and pasted, searched, tagged, indexed and archived — simply means that recruiters have more pools in which to find more frogs to kiss.

The problem is this: Kissing frogs sucks.

Normally it doesn’t take very long to realize that some frogs are easier to pucker-up for than others. The more “baggage” the candidate has – on paper at least — the harder it is to kiss that frog.

For candidates, being treated more like a frog rather than the other half of happy-ever-after simply leads them to stay out of the water. Besides, the last thing this new breed of “quiet working professional” wants is to be kissed by an employer to find they’ve been lumbered with an ugly sister.

itzbig is the first network of its kind which allows these quiet working professionals to anonymously look around and see what opportunities exist without having to jump in and make a lot of ripples.

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John Sumser's Recruiting RoadshowThe format for the Dallas Recruiting Roadshow will be different from the Atlanta event in a number of ways.

In Atlanta there was a lot of emphasis placed on breakout sessions where individual track leaders lead workshops on a variety of topics. Over the span of these seven learning tracks there was a huge amount of information shared and a lot to think about as everyone returned to their daily routines.

In keeping with the Recruiting Roadshow being an experiment, in Dallas we’re changing it up a bit. As before, our goal is to provide a day of learning, community and networking. In Dallas we are planning to shift the emphasis from sharing content to sharing connections, building on the networking theme.

As we did in Atlanta there will be two keynotes. John Sumser will be presenting an updated presentation on multigenerational recruiting opposite Dallas’s own recruiting legend, Bill Vick – more on that later.

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